Friday, April 25, 2008

The Power of the Collective

Springtime is the time of hope and renewal.
Sometimes in the face of all that is wonderful, we have our hardest times.
This week has been a heavy one for many of our bloggy buddies:

Hallie's husband John has endured yet another painful surgery.  While her baby boy, Shmoops, is in the Air Force,  stationed in Florida, and unable to come home.

Debbie in North Carolina is also facing a farewell to her own beautiful baby boy who is a Marine and likely on his way to the Middle East.
OOPS: Debbie's Marine is due home from Iraq, and her Air Force son is the one who's leaving. Blessings to them all. MPM apologizes for the mixup.

Meg still doesn't know what sent her to the hospital for several days.

My dear friend Jules' father had a massive stroke on Monday, while on a business trip, and faces much uncertainty.

Corey has left her family in France, and is over 80 days into her bedside vigil for her ailing father in California.

Laura~Peach has Coleman on all our minds.

Tammy and her baby Alley Cat are sorely in need of our good thoughts. 

On this beautiful day, I am going to take some time to count and embrace my blessings, and send positive thoughts and light to our friends.
I hope you will too, and please forgive me if I have left someone out.  


Flea said...

I have my own list in my head, a completely different group. I don't think I've ever known a time when so many people in my life are in so much pain. I'm praying, but even that feels scattered. Just telling God where I am, what I feel, how much I love these people.

Anonymous said...

It is troubled time for sure. Counting my blessings and send the kindest of thoughts to all.

abb said...

What is going on this 2008 year? There seems to be an excess of heartache and troubles. I, myself, wrote 12, (yes I do mean 12) sympathy cards in February alone.
Maybe if we all send positive happy, loving, thoughts out into the universe they will become contagious, spread everywhere and remove some of the gloom that hangs so heavy this 2008. We're almost half way through the year - may the second half be better than the first. Starting today!


P. S. The light you captured on the daffodile is incredible.

Treasia Stepp said...

My thoughts going out to all on your list.

Anonymous said...

::shaking head::
So much pain going around. Prayers are sorely needed for lots of healing.

brneyedgal967 said...

Flowers and angels and kind thoughts are great... but where's the wine?

Mental P Mama said...

Tammy, we have plenty of wine here in cocktail corner. You just have to get here...

Jules said...

Thanks Yauren...see you soon

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow what a sweet post... today is Colemans spinal tap and first mri since this transplant so ... very fitting! thank you...flea is right there are so many out there but the Grace od God COVERS them all... when we pray we make sure to add that GOd knows those needs and names that even we dont but they are lifted up as well!
hugs and prayers and just look at the wonderful blessings we all have to be online in our respective corners of the earth yet all connected and able to pray for each other! God is SOOOOOO AWESOME!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

and... I forgot to mention I LOVE the pictures you put on this post! I cant wait till my lilys bloom!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! I sure they feel the bloggy hugs.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

colemans part one of the spinal tap came back negative... more than likely will be monday to hear abotu part two and the mri... pray for negatives as well! :D
have a great weekend!


Wow, I will certainly keep these people in mind. I am counting my blessings too. There is so much hardship that it is imperative to focus on the good.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Many blessings and good thoughts to all those who have heartaches,troubles and fear. And blessing to MP Mama for her kind soul and huge heart for all those that her words touch

Country Girl said...

MP, this is a beautiful post with gorgeous photographs. Here in Maryland, I'm counting my blessings. I have my troubles, don't get me wrong. And one of them, I have to deal with this week.

Debbie said...

Hey girl...thank you so much! I spoke with another friend yesterday and she shared a few more sad things with me and she said her Mom always told her April could be the most unfortunate month of the year. My prayer list is so long as well. The photos are gorgeous and put a smile on this face!

P.S. The Marine is due home from Iraq soon and it's my soon to be Air Force son who's leaving...the thought was so very special.