Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ask Somebody's Mama

Dear Mental Mama,

I feel like life with my newly retired husband is either 100 mph or 0.  Some days, it is all great, and others it is just awful.  He can be so irritating.  What do you suggest?


Dear Whipped,

This happens to us all at some point, and all the new togetherness you now have is making it more apparent to you.  All relationships are fluid, and it is important to stay present and aware in all relational climates.  But I do hear you on the wide spectrum of feelings and moods.  And sometimes, it might be worthwhile to check in with an objective third party.  

It's always good to keep your friends around for the rough times.  For instance, last week, I had to pitch in and clear things up for my friend Jules' husband. Just because she needed the reinforcement. 

If  you, dear reader, have any burning questions, please write to, and ask away!  I am listening.


Anonymous said...

I think the fluidity of the relationship is absolutely true. Sometimes I feel like slaughtering my beloved in a pool of his own blood. Other times I find him gloriously fascinating. I'm not sure if that's because we've been married for so long or because he may have testosterone poisoning.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. When they are home it's like an invansion even though they live here too! I've heard a lot of people go through this dynamic.

Debbie said...

One third of the time I'm going thru "should I have thrown him out"? That part is lonely. The other 2/3 I'm enjoying the heck out of being alone!

MP...went to her blog!

May have been cute young but old and wrinkled now! LOL

Jules said...

Every time I get the urge to rip off his head and flush it down the toilet...I just remember this little diddy....

Unfortunately, they will not allow me to include the I will have to send it to Lauren for her to include in her post!

Flea said...

An objective third party is always a great thing. :)

Nancy Chisum said...

I have long been in favor of married couples just each living in their own homes. At the very least, buy a house with a guest cottage. That way we can allow hubby visiting rights from time to time and lock the door the rest of the time.