Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mental Musings

There was this 'lady' at the nail salon yesterday who made the poor girl paint her nails FOUR different times because she didn't like the colors she was choosing.  As I was leaving, she was moaning and groaning to the owner that she wanted her polish removed. ~~~

I had a dream last night that my Baby Bird got into the college of her choice.  My kids are only juniors....  I'd better get used to these dreams.  At least they might take the place of all those annoying airplane dreams.

Lucia had a dream that she was babysitting Little Ricky while Lucy and Desi went out to dinner.  She also had to take care of their dog.  But she was too tipsy to get up off their sofa to let him out.  

My rental car smells like a mixture of banana vomit and Glass Plus.  Here I am hanging my head out to breathe some fresh air.  See how nice my manicure came out.

There is a painfully thin woman at my gym whom I call Grannyrexia.  She runs on the treadmill for about an hour and then takes boxing lessons for a half hour.  A strong wind would blow her over.

Is it really necessary to have a paper shredder?


abb said... it really necessary to have paper??

I just can't wrap myself around the whole banana vomit smell and it will be a while until I can enjoy eating a banana, thank you very much!!


Mental P Mama said...

Annie--You're welcome...I'll be by to take you for a spin later.

Anonymous said...

My oldest is a senior this year and leaving for UCLA in a few months, and I just can't get used to the fact that soon she will be gone, sniff sniff!!!

Anonymous said...

Are we having an ADD day??????--Y not tell about that really good dream you had:)

Since having small children...I hate bananas

UVa would be so lucky!

Do you think the granorexia has grand children that make up jokes about her...your granny is so thin....

I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Banana Vomit that's a stinky situation.

I don't have a paper shredder but I always feel I should.

Snooty Primadona said...

Wow! Banana vomit is one frangrance I haven't tried, LOL! I have to admit it does sound like an ADD kind of day. ;-)

Flea said...

Hey look! Something shiny!

kellypea said...

Is that a camera? Cool. And I so would have gone over to that woman with the polish issue and told her to get over herself. Calmly, of course.

Debbie said...

LOL, yes ADD strikes again. That happens to me, but it's just age as is likely your case!

I'm commenting once, but love the bird feeders in today's post.

I think I should have a shredder, but I don't either. I hand shred when I need to exercise hahahaha!

Country Girl said...

Hey Mental P, there you are! I don't understand the banana vomit, but it sounds dreadful!