Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vacation Update

Temperature: 86
Weather conditions: Sunny and breezy
Pool: 84
Sea of Cortez: 70ish
Whales seen today: 4
Cocktails today: 2 (so far)
On the ipod: The Doors
Hi Birdy! Hi Augie! Do your homework!

Love, Mama


winetipper said...

The hell with all of youse.

Formerly Affianced said...

I'm there with ya, winetipper!

Asthmagirl said...

It sounds grand! Is there rum? Everything's better with a little rum!

Christine said...

I dream of 86* temps... not fair, not fair! :-p

Flea said...

How delightful!

Jules said...

You give me no alternative...I'm off to fake-n-bake

noble pig said...


Cleaned my pantry today..
Cocktails: None Yet
Time spent at kids elementary school: Like four
State of mind: Bored