Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bloggy Love: Part 2

Last year, about two months into my blogging addiction foray, I had the following conversation one morning with my dear husband (Squazz):

Mental P:  Squazz!  My friend in Seattle is going for a hike today with her three chihuahuas!  And she has asthma....!!!

Squazz (Yawning):  Squazz? (Yes, he calls me Squazz, too) Is this a real friend or a friend from that blog of yours? (Using the dreaded air quotes)

Mental P:  *&$#@*%$  What are you talking about?  She is a REAL friend and she happens to have a blog.

Squazz: ... (Yawning more)

Fast forward a few weeks:  Mental P wakes up a little late on a Saturday morning and eventually stumbles gets to her desk.  Because it had been such a busy night before on Cocktail Corner (hiccup), Mental has not had a chance to blather on compose her masterpiece for the blogosphere that day.  There is an email waiting--a fretful one.  It says:  "I hope you are okay.  You usually post by this time, and I am worried about you.  Love,  AsthmaGirl"

That was all I needed.  We became best friends that day in my book.  And so it goes.  I am very happy to be AsthmaGirl's friend.  At least I think we're friends.  (Aren't we D?) I love her dogs--The Brute Squad.   

 And I love her.  A tireless champion of the underdog, and a big soul with some cranky-butt lungs that cannot keep her down, no matter how much they try!  She is going to the Virginia Blogfest in July--so am I.  And I cannot wait.  Go visit AsthmaGirl.  You'll be glad you did.


Grandma J said...

I get the same thing when I mention my "friends". Since three of my children don't live here in TX they ask me if I've made any friends since moving here..I tell them yes, but most don't live in TX. Then I get the whole thing about bloggers aren't real friends. We'll see about that. I can't wait to meet everyone in Virginia at the blogfest. Looks like a whole lot of long distance travelers!

Living on the Spit said...

I want that tshirt that says, "All my good friends live in my computer!".

It's funny because I am closer tomyblogger friends than I am to my friends who are local!!!

Great post, yet again.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yes, one of these days some famous sociologist is going to declare that blogging friends are more real than non-blogging friends, I'm convinced.

I can't wait for Blog Fest, and to meet you, Grandma J, Asthma Girl and a whole host of others in person. It's really unbelievable the list of attendees who have never before met but who are traveling from all parts of the map just to do so.

Can't wait!

kim-d said...

I love that you are doing this Bloggy Love series; this makes me smile. I recently decided to just come out and admit to myself that my blogger friends are the ones who ARE TRULY MY BEST FRIENDS and that I no longer need to make a distinction between "blogger friends" and "in-real-life friends." Lucky us. And this Virginia Blogfest thingy sounds like a great deal of fun!

The Brute Squad? ROCKS! :)

Sassy said...

I hear the same thing here..."seriously are they really your friends or do you just THINK they are your friends"????? They all THINK {well maybe they KNOW} that I'm a little possessed with my world of blogging!!!! True that...when you don't comment or post I think something is wrong with you...I feel bad I wasn't as thoughtful as Asthmagirl and check on you....sorry 'bout that. And I want one of those t-shirts too that Living on the Spit has seen...

TSannie said...

It's a whole new world! And a very good one. Miss AG is one of my favorite folks, too.

Anonymous said...

Go on with you Mama.... you're making me blush!
Of course we're friends. In real life and blog life and BlogFest life...!
The Olde Goat has exactly the same attitude as Squazz. "A real friend or a blog friend?" or my current favorite "You're flying all the way across the country to meet a bunch of strangers? Do they know you can't breathe? How do you know they want to meet YOU?"
A friend is where ever you find them, and I am so glad we found each other Mama!
Big Brute Squad Hugs all around!

Ellen said...

I think we are the"Sisterhood of the Traveling Bits and Bytes." It's been such a unique experience to meet some of my virtual friends in person - and I am looking forward to meeting more in VA.

I would guess that most of our husbands who don't understand our unique "sorority" do not blog and probably make faces when they read ours. And that's okay in my book. I make faces and don't get my husband's obsession with cars or politics. And our different interests means that we always have some thing to talk about.

Decadent Housewife said...

I used to think there were little men living inside the radio. Now I know there are people living inside my computer. :)

Caution Flag said...

You preach it, Mama! It is the truth and then some.

Daryl said...

Believe it or not Husband now 'gets' that you'all are real ... amazing ..

Trisha said...

So - it isn't unusual for husbands to not understand the bloggy friends we have? I always find myself telling people about my friends from the blogging world. They are so awesome and asthma girl - she rocks!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

It doesnt get any more real than blogger friends!

Treasia said...

Each time I mention friends to Trucker or my family they say the same thing. Real life friend or one of those pretend friends you read? This irritates me to know end for them to do this. A friend is a friend regardless of where you met them.

Her chihuahua's are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love asthmagirl! I called her a friend last night, someone was asking about the west coast and I mentioned my friend who lives in Seattle.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

BUT MAMA its only gonna be 83 (so they say today) and then DROP to lower 60's so its just a tease... sob.... Sniff I will do what i can to send it up to you...PLEASE MAMA PLEASE :) I will share my kool aid with you :)

Mary said...

Wow, I'm way behind in my bloggy reading! I know what you mean about blog friends -- I never quite know what to call them... but they are definitely FRIENDS. :)

Deb said...

Why is it that all of our other halves think "we" are not friends? Just because we haven't met? Come on...give me a better reason.
and when the Southern bloggers met for lunch, my hubby said...what if these women really aren't who they say they are? Really? Seriously? Men are going to carry on a female persona for over a year, blogging about recipes, red cowboy boots, George the dog, 3 little chihuahuas, martinis, and a million other stuff...just to gather at luncheon for illicit purposes?
I am planning on meeting D and IMom in July. They have a 3 hour layover!!! Yeah!

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

*sniff* I so want to go to that, but it is at the exact same time as my family vacation, damn it! Ooops...can I say damn it here?

Keetha said...

Love that story. :-)

Country Girl said...

Love how you're sharing the bloggy love. Oh, my gosh!! Her dogs are adorable!!

Just thought of something . . . does that blatant use of double exclamation points make me a candidate for Despondex?

I'm just saying.

big hair envy said...

It's official. I'm in love with the Brut Squad:)

Wait. You people aren't real?

imom said...

I love me some Asthmagirl! And the Brute Squad is even cuter in real life.

noble pig said...

That's so sweet! Well the Virginia thing sounds fun! How cool is that! I love AG too...she's a simply, awesome, real life friend.

foolery said...

I know what you mean. I now talk in code (which is code for LYING):

"My friend e-mailed me the other day"

is really

"A blogger posted a comment on my blog ten minutes ago, which I read when I was supposed to be WORKING"

And the only thing that irks me is that I'm NOT lying about the use of the word FRIEND, but if pressed I would have to say BLOG FRIEND, and then the other person's eyes would roll back in his/her head.

At least my husband, kids and mom seem to get it!

Here's to great blog friends, like you Miss Mental, and AG, and all the rest of us. : )

-- Laurie