Monday, August 4, 2008

Taking Stock

Starting a new week.
Making my to-do list.
The short list.

Get up earlier.
Drink coffee out of new favorite cup.
I miss those darn cows.
Smile more.
Thanks, Flea;)
Stay off I-95 as much as possible.
Garden more.
Enjoy the garden more.
Take time to enjoy the sunsets.
And the promise of more tomorrows.
What's on your short list?


Lisa J said...

See that is what I like about you. You have the best pictures and things to say. You bring a happy smile to my face all the time.
My short list? I am living my short list...
1. enjoy life everyday...check
2. even on tough days, love life..
sort of check
3. love family ....check
4. don't get dressed unless I have to....CHECK!
5. Keep plenty of diet coke on hand...check!!
Life is good...I'm retired you know.

Anonymous said...

Remember my meds
Slow down on my commute
enjoy an extra bike ride!

kim-d said...

Enjoy a nap at some point today, because I got up far too early this morning. And keep visiting all blog friends who post lovely pictures :).

I don't want to raise the short-list standards too much...

Anonymous said...

1)read your blog every makes me smile
2) enjoy my last few weeks with my youngest before he heads off to college
3) drink good wine
4) learn more about photography
5) spend more quiet (or noisy) time with my family
6) let my hair grow out...maybe

Anonymous said...

I love your short list (and you cup!)

Mine is as follows in no particular order:

Play more!
Go to bed before 10pm
Get up and jog with the dog
Drive the Nova more (the kids love it and it should be driven to enjoy it!)
Be more positive and forget the things that don't matter.
Remember all the things that DO matter!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How can you say I'm insane when I was merely researching to make sure I wasn't going to lose a toe from infection?



Trisha said...

Right now a shower is at the top of my list. I just came in from walking and am sweating up a storm.

Anonymous said...

Short list...
1. Have some me time.
2. Go on strike.
3. Not be the "nice, good one" all the time.
4. smile.
5. write on my blog.
6 start again on cleaning out the attic.

Glad your home.

noble pig said...

Short list:

Read all of my 6 months of magazines piled up.

Per-fect making pie crust.

Enjoy life's small pleasures.

Keetha said...

I need to think on this. Thanks for such good bloggy fodder.

But honey. That poor tire! Yikes. I vote with you on that.

Bear Naked said...

1. Get back on my exercise bike.
2. Start to read a BOOK.
3. Paint my toe nails.
4. Clean the kichen junk drawer.
5. Take a nap every day.

Bear((( )))

ps 6.Go to a few more stores to try to find that REALEMON™

Employee No. 3699 said...

1. Get through the work day without throwing my stapler at my co-work.

2. Run errands during lunch break.

3. Spend time with husband after work before he goes out of town tomorrow.

4. Squeeze in writing a blog post for tomorrrow.

5. Go to bed early.

6. Start all over again next morning.

Tonjia said...

awwww good question!! my short list is as follows:

1. be thankful for my blessings, I have so many
2. smile and laugh
3. finish reading a book and start another
4. do something for me..
5. laugh some more

Debbie said...

Gosh...trip did you good Mama! You seem refreshed and ready to tackle the world :)

Wonder why son hasn't called
Get results
Take nap
Finish yard

Alias Liz Jones said...

Wonderful photos and wonderful list. Well, to be honest, the tire photo left me feeling empty, but it was real. Beautiful sunset and flower. I love sunset. My favorite part of the day. Especially on water.
I'm in a funk today. My short list is just taking care of my middle aged knee for now.

TSannie said...

Kill my husband.
No? I can't do that?
Ok then.

I'll have to give this some more thought, I guess...

Caution Flag said...

List?? That's a new concept here...

Daryl said...

I dont have a short list .. its always a long list with me

I love your new mug, the flower and the sea .. that bolt in your tire: not. at. all.

And the stone heads are living in Warren, CT alongside my friends' kitchen patio


Snooty Primadona said...

I don't think I have a short list. However, I'll give it a shot.

1. Go to the grocery store for the 3rd day in a row for 2 items.

2. Catch up on ironing, which I hate.

3. Have lunch with my girlfriends.

4. Try to embrace life more often, even if it's not going as planned.

5. Plan another trip out of town.

6. Wait impatiently for the bevos to arrive.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok mrs mental p you said this...Pat Boone?!? My mother went to high school with him!... Please please I have to know did she stay in contact with him? were they friends? there si a song by him that i had as a kid, Have searched high low and inside and out to try to refind it it was on a 45... called THE LITTLE ONES. I almost think I have the 45 but nothing to play it on.... oh I would so be thrilled to death to find this song... hes a neat person from what I recall of him on tv when i was a kid!
Grins and hugs Laura

Sassy said...

My short list keeps getting longer and longer and it's making me tired and tireder{is that a word???} Getting things in order for my school year is stressing me out...but you seen the massages I'm getting to relieve the stress hahaha:0) your tire...yuck...that's too bad!!!

holly said...

my short list :

helping my son fill something other than his shorts.

write a short little program.

wear some shorts.

write some short stories.

Egghead said...

Short list?

1. Catch up on blog reading
2. Walk on that darned treadmill
3. Keep fan near for hot flashes
4. Kiss my grandkids

MamaGeek said...

I like your lists. ESPECIALLY the garden and the sunsets - those are mine too (BESIDES the world peace thing of course).

Chere said...

My short list would include:
1. Spend less time on my lap.
2. Get outside and enjoy my gardens more.
3. Exercise
4. Lose weight
5. Smile more for the great life I live.
Thanks for making me sit down and write a short list.

Flea said...

Sleep more. Climb more. Write more. Enroll in another grad class. I think that's it.