Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This n That Roundup

Some of my pitiful, random thoughts to get you through your busy day to ponder:
  • My husband Squazz hates it when I write about my chin hairs.  And my tweezing activity. What a wuss.
  • I never did figure out what I forgot to do Monday.
  • Because I am a Patriot, and because my mortgage is the biggest bill I have, I am trying out new ways to be frugal.  My major project right now is to see how long I can go between hair highlights.  It's not pretty at the moment, but I'm hoping to make it a few more weeks.
  • Oh, by the way, I totally think John Edwards is that baby's daddy.
  • I have taken an odd shine to my Squazz's boxer shorts.  I like to wear them.  A lot.
  • The above may or may not have to do with my new Mental P Belly.
  • Since I joined Weight Watchers seven weeks ago, I have a net gain of three pounds.
  • I am still hopelessly addicted to that show Tori and Dean on Oxygen.
  • I have made $7.64 in laundry room tips this week.
  • TWEEZER.  Sorry Squazz, I couldn't resist.
What random thought is going to sustain YOU today?


Flea said...

I get a little wigged out by the tweezers, but only because I'm pretty furry and self-conscious about it. :(

Boxers! Something new to go out and purchase. :)

jojo said...

I gained seven pounds on Weight Watchers... which has now turned into fifteen ;) I blame menopause and percocet...

Suz Broughton said...

Why has the word "amazing" become so popular?

I don't think Dora and Diego are really cousins. There's something weird going on there...

Why don't you see Timothy Hutton in anything anymore? Or Robbie Benson?

noble pig said...

OMG I am laughing so hard. You made more in landry tips than anyone I know. Don't let your kiddos use fluff and fold away at college, they'll be giving away a lot of money!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

My entire life is one big random thought. Or just random.

kim-d said...

Oh yeah. I think he's the baby's daddy too.

What can I eat next. When can I eat next. I have lots to do this afternoon, including a little random tweezing. Time to go get some coffee.

And I made close to $5 in laundry room tips this week. Of course, all of the laundry is my own so I'm not sure if it really counts :)...

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Yep he's the baby's daddy.
I'm addicted to Tori & Dean too I just started watching them on Oxygen last week catching up with their shows.

~Mad said...

I am so there with the chin hairs - and tweezers are my best friends.

Don't leave home without 'em!

I remember as a girl. my mother used to ask me to pull HER chin hairs cuz her eyes were going bad. I was so grossed out!

I guess you could say I learned to tweeze at the foot of the master.


Jules said...

Perhaps Weight Watchers should come out with a new line of boxer shorts! With an electric waist band..."you have now added one inch to your waist...Have a good day"
I'm just sayin'

Kacey said...

wow, you make lots more in laundry tips than I do!! No fair.

My Random thoughts:

I don't want to take my baby to college today.

Could I convince him to stay home & go to community college?

How much alcohol will be needed tonight?

If I let the air out of the tires will he have to stay home with me?

yeah, I know. Pathetic, right??

Caution Flag said...

*Oh yes, Mr. Edwards is the daddy. Poor Mrs. Edwards.

*Why don't my kids catch on that I've been using the same 1% milk container for some time now and simply refilling it with fat free?

*My bff told me yesterday that she and her husband no longer have any body hair.

TSannie said...

O my GOD! It's been 7 weeks since wejoined weightwatchers??? I haven't been weighed in for the last 2 weeks (traveling)...must go this afternoon when I get home. When you all hear the primal scream, all will be clear that the weight loss for moi didn't happen.....pooh!

Leighanne said...

I love Tori & Dean although I refuse to share this new found addiction with many people.

Trisha said...

I love your random thoughts! Tehy actually get my rather stagnant brain thinking!

Is your darling doesn't like to hear about the tweezing - tell him you don't want to deal with his ear hair!

Big Hair Envy said...

Brain dead today. No points to ponder!

Did you know that boxer shorts are all the rage with the high school girls? True story. They have a few pairs of their own, and they steal the rest from their boyfriends.

Starwoodgal said...

The sad thing is my eyebrows are getting thinner while my chin hairs are multiplying. (Tweeze Tweeze).

What is Brett Farv thinking? We'll see.

What I am going to buy my mother for her 72 birthday this weekend?

I had my hair cut and highlighted yesterday because it was just driving me to distraction every time I passed a mirror. (who the hell is that? Oh, its me!)

John Edwards is a liar. Has anyone noticed Barack's initials? BO! Something smells funny there too.

Where is Robbie Benson? Does anyone remember Ice Castles?

I'm having a hormonal week. Hot flashes and feeling frumpy.

I hate my middle and thighs. I think I have to go back on the low carb diet. It is the only thing that works for me.

I blame it all on peri-mental-moments and bad politics and the fact that they were out of my favorite wine at the store.

(ps. haven't made any laundry tips since my son moved out. I don't miss it.)

Keetha said...

Your randomness is highly entertaining.

Krysta said...

oh he's the baby's daddy... no random other thoughts... other than robbie benson directs tv shows (friends, ect.)

Daryl said...

I loved WW .. it works .. but if you drink wine and dont drink water it wont work .. just sayin'

I will never know the thrill of boxers since Husband wears tightiewhities.


Bear Naked said...

I have been pondering what I will post for tomorrow.
Many random thoughts going through the brain today and they all seem to start with the letter D.
Come visit me tomorrow to find out what they are.

Bear((( )))

Susiewearsthepants said...

I confess. Tori and Dean is my guilty pleasure. I feel shame while I am watching it, but I just can't seem to help myself. I can't stop.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Unfortunately, the laundry tips I've made off my son were less than amounts I've loaned him.

Tonjia said...

I personally LOVE your tweezer comments.

I am a WW queen! I lost 85lbs on WW 3 yrs ago, (prior to menopause) and am going back to meetings in a couple of weeks to try to get off the 15 I have gained as a result of menopausal metabolism affects...

it is really really hard to fight all of the hormonal adjustments.

My random thoughts? I am tired of hearing about Michael Phelps, he is great, lets move on and let some of the other gold medalists have some airtime.

WHAT is that huge growth on the left side of John McCains face?

Is it me or is this summer lasting longer than any other summer on record?

I could go on and on...

asthmagirl said...

I'm sorry about your hair. Out of your whole post, that's what I focused on. That and the weight gain on weight watchers.

Oh, I wear the old goat's boxers sometimes. How come men's underwear is so comfortable?

Amy said...

Your "stream of consciousness" is very fun to read...

I love Tori and Dean too... Guilty Pleasure indeed!

My middle daughter asked me about tweezing and landscaping... Landscaping!!! Where the heck did you learn that from!!!!!!

Lisa J said...

Hey, you are making some pretty good money on the laundry tips, I am impressed.
I am doing high lights tonight....how long do you go in between? And I think John Edwards is the baby's daddy too.
And I don't think I have any random thoughts today. I am to tired.

Egghead said...

Let's see. I like to picture in my wee little head people walking around with two different shoes on and realizing it just when they can't fix the problem. Keeps my little brain busy.

sista #2 said...

I am so tired of tweezing.
I am also addicted to Tori & Dean. I dont know why.
You gained weight, I drink beer.
All evens out.


Sara said...

Weigth Watchers is a great way to gain weight! It's way easier to gain on WW than lose!
Tweezing...hmm. I can relate to the tweezing part but I have to admit that it's not something I would confess to publicly.

holly said...

if i could pick *one* thing i could give up.

it'd be the plucking. dangit.

weight watchers *will* work. are you on core? core is what worked for me. 50 pounds off! actually 52 this week!

took me 18 months.

Debbie said...

Boxers sound way too comfortable. You won't have to suck it in and trust me, that leads to shock when you try on a pair of pants you thought fit you.

I may have lost a couple pounds but I do not DARE look at the scale. Considering I'm now MOVING around, I'm not surprised :)

Mary said...

Well hell, girl -- you didn't need to go on WW to gain three pounds. On the other hand, you might have gained lots more without it... so maybe it's not as bad as you think.

Personally, I'm thinking that all my pants have magically shrunk. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Chere said...

Thank You, Thank You. You guys just saved me the joining fee at Weight Watchers. My random thoughts are many. Menopause ADD makes your mind wander. Mine is down the street around the corner. I can not even stay on track during my nightly prayers. Boo Whoo

Country Girl said...

I, too, think that baby is John Edward's.

Your hair can wait. It's still summer. And you can wear a hat.

With your boxer shorts.

While you tweeze.

Screw Weight Watchers.

It only works if you don't drink the wine. Vodka is less points. But Vodka isn't wine.

This concludes my thoughts for the day.

Alias Liz Jones said...

Mental P Mama, I'm late for my random thought of the day. I think John Edward is the daddy too. What a jerk. Good laundry room tips. I only found a nail and some sort of bolt, plus 2 quarters.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

OMG! I've met a fellow tweezer! I linked my recent post to your blog...http://georgiarectors.blogspot.com/ Check it out.

Men's boxers? Love 'em

Tori & Dean? Love 'em too

Tweezing? Wouldn't be caught dead without my trusty Tweezerman

Deb said...

Found your blog for the first time via a friend's blog. See, we are all connected in a wierd internet kinda way.
OK, here's what I have to share:
I love Tori and Dean, too and now my daughter tivos all the shows.
I, also, am stretching out the highlights longer than I should...it's not a pretty site! When focused on WW, I can lose weight, but truthfully, I love food more than anything so I'm not ready to go beyond the 13 lbs I've lost. John Edwards...it's his baby! Elizabeth should preform a minor surgery at home on John to forever leave her "mark"!