Thursday, April 15, 2010

This-n-That Thursday

I need some answers:
  • What is poppycock?
  • Why is jail called the Department of Corrections?
  • What airline accepts a lone 7 year-old going to Russia?
  • Justin Bieber?
  • Those Duggar people?
  • MSNBC or CNN?
  • Can you be too old to have a crush on someone?
  • How do you prioritize your Bucket List?
  • Is it weird to want to throw out all your underwear?
  • And buy all new?
  • Is it acceptable to let grey hair replace highlights?


abb said...

I'm kinda sorry I looked up the meaning poppycock...
Though it's a snack (and one I really like), it comes from a Dutch word and means (ew, gross, GAH, how could it possibly be associated with a snack food!!!) "soft dung". IE, diarrhea. Sometime you really can have too much knowledge!

I'm so upset about that first question, I can't possibly contemplate any of the other ones!


I Am Woody said...

I am SO proud that the "mother" of the child from Russia is from the town right beside mine.

I'll admit it. I know the Duggars in real life - have known them since around baby #5. Jim Bob is just as fake and weird as he seems on TV. But Michelle and the kids are very normal - just a WHOLE bunch of them!

Not weird to want to throw out all your underwear. A couple of years ago, my New Year resolution was to no longer wear ratty underwear so in the garbage it all went:)

Sassy said...

I love these and funny thing I was just thinking about the gray hair and highlights this morning...hahahaha......and seriously that little one going clear to Russia...WHAT THE CRAP? Love your Thursdays....and yes to all new undies!!!

Daryl said...

Poppycock is either crap from a cock, a popcorn/carmel candy or stuff that falls off a poppy...

Tossing all undies and buying new is good.

I dont watch either CNN or MSNBCDEFGH
the only faux news I watch is The Daily Show.

Dont get me started on 'returning children'

Letting grey replace highlights is a good thing ... and saves beaucoup bucks

I dont have a bucket list, I am not ever going to die

I dont know who the Duggars are .. are they your neighbors?

Justin who?

Dept of Corrections .. I am sure its all about white out

Nurse Nancy said...

My mom did the gray hair thing about 5 years ago and she actually looks younger! I am not ready for that yet...have about 30 more years to go!

Deb said...

Isn't poppycock carmel corn?
Department of Correction ... oximoron.
Now I understand all of the little boys with this very cute hair cut.
Who can afford highlights these days? Come on grey!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Poppycock is a condition a dog gets when it has this sudden urge to...well never mind.

I am morbidly curious about those Duggars. It's like watching a freak show to me. Can't get over how cheerful and smiley that woman is even when her shiny-headed, perfectly coiffed husband says stupid things. I'd have to smack him. Or start drinking. Or both.

You are never EVER too old to have a crush on somebody, and it's even possible to have a crush on a boy in your daughter's class (sixth grade no less). Not that I know ANYTHING about that.


Interesting you ask about the gray thing because I considered doing it this past go-around before buying a box of Clairol. Pretty soon I may have no choice because the Clairol doesn't seem to want to cover those pesky grays. DAMMIT.

I think I'LL go out and buy some new underwear. And some wine. And a three-pronged walker to go with my gray damn hair.

Tammy said...

I've been dreaming about throwing out all my underwear and buying new for weeks now!

I cannot wrap my head around the Duggars... it's too much, just too much.

Apparently that Justin kid is big solely from being on MySpace... that's what my son said, I've never heard him sing though.

I have so many crushes it's ridiculous and my newest one is a woman!!! Gah.

Unknown said...

Wine, answers all of life's most difficult questions.

Keetha said...

You can nevah be too old to have a crush.

Sure you can prioritize your Bucket List. It's *yours* and you can do whatever you want.

I'm in favor of buying new underwear. I don't think anyone should have to justify it.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I want all new underwear too mainly cause the ones I have are TOO SMALL!
The poppycock woman who put her kid on the plane to Russia needs to be in jail.
And those Duggars need to be in the Dept of Corrections.
Justin? Is he a Duggar?
I hope this helps.

Joanie said...

You make me laugh, so all is well in the world!!

Unknown said...

poppycock is the Irish version of hockypuck

They call it the Department of Corrections because it looks better on your resume when you get out.

I don't know about the 7 year old kid on the plane, but maybe it was the kids idea to get away.

Justin Bieber is my granddaughter Beauty's main squeeze.

I'm fine with the Duggars, they support themselves and none of them are in jail or a financial drain on the system.

I'm a Fox gal.

I'm been known to crush more than one person at a time.

I'm always adding stuff to my Bucket List. I hope I live long enough....

Thank you for the reminder. I've been trying to figure out how to clean out all my underwear drawers...Problem solved!

Next St. Baldricks, I'm getting my head shaved with's all grey from then on.

Now, I have to go shopping for new undies! :)

Suz Broughton said...

So many good questions and only an answer to one, no not weird to still have crushes. Convinced they might be key to getting through menopause.

big hair envy said...

Poppycock is a fancy name for Fiddle Faddle.

The same reason you park in a driveway, and drive on a parkway.

What mother SENDS a 7 year old alone to Russia?





You don't. You just grab those opportunities when they present themselves:)




Matty said...

I always knew poppycock to mean nonsense.

It's the political correct version of jail.

I'm sure arrangements were made in advance. Children flying alone happens all the time, when advance notice is given.

Who is Justin Bieber?

Who are the Duggars?

The news is the news, each with their own spin on it.


Just prioritize it. The things you want to do or accomplish the most are at the top.

No. I want to.

Yes. Yes.

Magpie said...


Snooty Primadona said...

Annie already gave me too much info, but it made me laugh anyway. I thought it was a flower.

They call the DOC that because the real name (Department of Free Room & Board For Habitual Repeat Offenders) was just too long.

An airline is only as good as the idiots that work for them.

You can never be too old to have a crush. It just looks sillier is all. I never let that stop me.

I was glad to see that you added that you'd buy new ones. I thought you might be going all commando on us.

I tried letting the gray grow out once but it just didn't have the shine that a box of color can add.

Country Girl said...

That last one?


Not yet.

K said...

I haven't heard the word poppycock in a long time. It reminds me of my grandma. Why? Because she rarely cussed, in fact I think the only curse word I ever heard pass her lips was "Damn"...but even as a child I knew poppycock meant BS...oh how I loved context clues. (Now, there's too many contexts the clues can fit into.)

DOC looks better on paper because it's formal...I wish it would actually correct more people (too many asshats runnin' around unlearned after staying a few nights at the DOC).

I don't think it would have taken much to set up the pretense that all was well with that situation. I've been on several flights where minors flew unaccompanied on the plane; grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle helped them board and introduced them to a flight attendant who promised to oversee the child and then the flight attendant walked them to the gate to meet mom/dad/whoever. I'd like to know how someone can actually believe that if it doesn't work out you can just return a human being? My dad did that with a cat he adopted from the animal shelter and I let him have it verbally...until he got a diff cat the same day. The trade still bothers me but at least he was still saving a life overall; still don't think you could trade humans though.

That's the kid who totally KILLED my enjoyment of Saturday Night Live last weekend. Heard about him initially back in December when he was appearing at some mall in the NYC metro area and so many young girls showed up that they cancelled the performance/appearance and, if I remember right, shut down most of the mall too. Seriously!?!?! Ugh.

The Duggars scare me and I've never even watched their show. Glad they can support all members of their family (apparently) but I think they're a little off-kilter to have so many children. But, to each their own, right?

I watch neither on a regular basis but I do enjoy catching Rachel Maddow's show every now and then. Hadn't heard of her until a friend back home had her show on one night when I visited. I think she's kinda funny, she has an amusingly awkward laugh and well...I kinda have a girl crush on her even though I don't play for that team.

Nope, never too old.

My Bucket List will likely be prioritized with efficiency in regard to which items can realistically be accomplished without much money (pending I'm not insanely rich by the time I really need to get crackin' on my list--pretty good odds against me, heh). I figure I'd rather cross off more small, attainable experiences than forego all of those to accomplish one grand, surreal experience.

Nope, not weird. I want to do it with my bras too (before the bras have actually lost their ability to perform). Periodically, I actually do throw them all out and go get new.

Some people look just as great with grays, some look better and some are aged by their grays. Either way, there is something distinguishing (in a good way) about the appearance of grays but I think it all depends on where these grays are deciding to arrive on the scene first...Unfortunately, I'm a redhead whose locks have been lightening since the age of 12 and I know I'm in for a head full of white--I met a old, natural redhead when I was about seven and immediately saw my future...I'll likely start wearing a hat once the whites start to crash my party.

Debbie said...

Didn't your Mama tell you to be sure to have on clean/good underwear in case you're in an accident? I actually repeated this to David about his "wife-beater" shirts. He wears one under 2 other shirts.

So, no...throw out and buy new when they get to the stage YOU wouldn't want to be caught wearing them!