Thursday, June 5, 2008

This-N-That Thursday

I think we need to do a little housekeeping and catching up here in Mental Land.  It's been a busy spring what with my rugrats (proms, SAT's, lonjry), my blog hopping, work, Fred and Bessie, Twittering, blog hopping, grocery shopping, cardio.  You know, life.  Anyway, I thought we'd take today and get up to speed.  Oh, and that Hot Flash picture has nothing to do with anything, although it may become my own personal logo.  Kind of catchy, no?

How is everyone doing with our little fitness challenge?  Have you upped your exercise quotient?  I have always done some form of exercise, but I think sitting at a desk and blog hopping working all day has a great deal to do with my new blubber issues.  So in that regard, I am making a conscious effort to move around a bit more during the course of my daily life.  My goal is to sweat for at least an hour each day.

Water.  I have doubled my consumption, and I swear my skin already looks better just 4 days in to this.  I add lemon to it to make it all fancy, plus I read somewhere that lemon is a detoxifying agent.  It may very well be, but I just like the flavor.

Wine.  Sigh.  While I am not swearing it off entirely, I have to say that I am feeling like it may have made a difference already.  Alcohol is sugar, and your body will work to burn that all off before it even gets to fat-burning mode.  In addition, when I drink wine, I tend to eat more.  So, in order to jumpstart my own return to fitness, I am not having any cocktails for a week or so. You can do as you please.  I think it might be a good idea to try to eliminate at least one sugar or fat vice when you want to move the scale in a backward direction.  I hate to admit it, but I do feel better these days.  Sigh.

As far as diet goes, I have always been a fairly healthy eater, so I am focusing on smaller portions right now, and really feel no different in terms of deprivation.  First of all, starving yourself doesn't work over a long haul.  It's the type of food choices you make and the quantity.  One thing everyone can do is add more fiber.  Dr. Oz is all about fiber; he says women need at least 25 grams per day, and most don't get half of that.  I just love him.  He might even qualify as my secret boyfriend like the ones Mrs. G is always lusting over talking about, but that is for another day.  Make sure you eat lots of veggies and lean protein, and you will feel a difference.  Both in your jeans and your demeanor.  I swear I am in a better mood....maybe because I'm not struggling to breathe when I sit down to blog hop work.

Other items I need to discuss:

Can anyone believe the story about that poor woman who had a baby on a plane?  In a galley kitchen?  And then had to fly three more hours afterwards to get to New York.  Yikes.

What is the consensus on Sex and the City?  I was never a fan of the series, so I'm not exactly in a big hurry to go.  But I'm open to reviews.

What is your favorite commercial these days?  I love those Ocean Spray Cranberry ones--you know with the two guys in the cranberry bog.

Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?  I need to live vicariously.

Well I guess that's it for now, but please try to head over to Kacey's Wine on the Keyboard to vote on your favorite "motherhood" submission.  You don't have to vote for mine, just pay her a visit.  All the pictures are really great.  Serious.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the alaram did go off too early this morn.
Not good with the cardio part but the smaller portions and water are going well. Tight clothes are now a bit looser! I do miss my wine though.

NSLO went to see Sex in the City, her first legal R rated movie. Said it was good but long. I never watched the show myself so have no interest in the movie.

Clean up is a good thing. I just wish I could get motivated.

Commercials...well, at least the bathtub couples for some ED medicine is off for a while. No favorites at this point though.

Have a good cloudy day all.

Debbie in NC said...

Motivation is the kicker for me...have none. I will have to hit the treadmill later today. It's to muggy to breathe outside.

Way too much sugar in the coffee I drink all day and do not eat properly at all. Sigh....

I loved Sex series and waiting for the movie to come out on DVD.

Clean up? Refer back to motivation!
Would you believe my winter clothes are STILL piled up in the computer room? Hangin head here....

Today..I will do it in 30 minutes. Thank you for the kick! LOL

kacey said...

The pictures are great this month on the motherhood contest, aren't they? Loved yours. Just too cute.

Yes, I'm going to Sex in the City when I have a chance. Favorite commercial...some of the new MAC PC ones out now. Either the subtle "PC is number two" cheerleader one, or the "I've been error free nearly a week" one.

Those Mac/PC commercials just crack me up.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Wow, this motivates me to want to do better, as in eating better and exercising more. I know you're right about the wine, but if I had to give that up, I'm reasonably sure I'd have to be institutionalized. However, you've made me think that perhaps I could cut back a bit, as much as it pains me to type those words....

Plans for the weekend....I would have said eating some great food and enjoying some wine. Now, I'll have to think of something else.

Right now, I can't think of anything else.

Great post!

Ash said...

Good Mornin' early girl!:) I never watched Sex in the City and I am wondering about the movie as well. All of the official reviews on it have been horrible, but maybe cuz they've been male reviewers. I am considering seeing it as well.
Fav commercial? Well, I cry with all Publix commercials, they get me every time! What comes to mind are the commercials with the baby talking, can't recall the ad tho! And I love the Mac commercials!
Weight loss. I decided to go vegetarian and have already lost a few pounds just doing that. Makes the portions smaller and it digests quicker. But, I feel hungry more...but I recall Dr.Oz saying that the hunger pains means your body is eating I'm stickin' with that! :)
I'm also cutting out some of the alcohol.

Have a fabulous day and see ya round twitterland or VD's!

Daryl said...

My tummy issues of this past weekend lost me 5 lbs which I have been very careful not to regain ... as for wine .. a glass is a good thing .. protein, lean protein, is also good .. and the water really does 'show' its effects quickly.

By the time you kvetch yourself into the city you'll be so svelt you can have two glasses of wine with brunch!


Ann from Montana said...

My fitness week - I'm doing fine with no wine...well, I WANT it AND I did succumb to a tiny cognac on the front porch last evening, but still better than the 2-4 glasses of wine I've been having. I don't intend to abstain indefinitely, this week is just a jump start to feeling better and giving my body a break. Portion control is going well - I also eat healthy, whole foods - obviously just more than I need...

Continuing walking and added back my strength training - 2x so far - 1 to go for the week.

I'm a big water drinker already but I also make a smoothie in a Vita-mix mondo blender which turns whole veg and fruit into juice - beets, kale, whole orange plus yogurt, whey protein powder in an herbal tea base - makes for good fiber, fruit and veg without spiking blood sugar, extra protein and is very filling.

I don't have tv so can't play that question and I don't go to movies - wait for DVD's...I'm boring...

But this weekend - "God willing and the creek don't rise" - by honey should be here...

Greta said...

Still trying to calculate how many WW points are in a Trazodone. I think it's a lot.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

My two daughters and I went to see the Sex in the City movie last Sunday we liked it, they could have left some of it on cutting room floor but overall good movie.

Drinking water like a fish. Moving slowly but still moving.

This weekend Hubby and I are going to the 400 mile Sale here in Kentucky but we aren't doing the whole 400 miles with price of gas and all. We're doing a good portion however and spending the night in a hotel (cuz I deserve it, and no this is not my reward for the in-laws lmao)

Anonymous said...

My update is on my blog. It is a tale of victories and defeats! I salute you for giving up wine for a week. No small thing!

I never saw sex and the city although K2 loved it. She saw the movie and said it was good.

noble pig said...

I've added two more steps to my 6 mile walk, I think it's making a difference. However, then I ate all the shrimp rockefeller I ate with two glasses of wine. Wow, I'm useless aren't I?

This weekend...Supper Club...more gorging...sorry.

Christine said...

Well, since I *just* found out about your fitness challenge, I'm considering my goals and will start on Monday. (no. Really. I'm not just saying that to procrastinate... really... )

Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Working and cleaning house. Yay! You don't wanna live vicariously through me! LOL

TSannie said...

Went off the wagon last night - both wine and food. Don't feel as good this am as I did yesterday!
Back to discipline, baby! NOW!!

b said...

Whilst I agree the "Hot Flash" is catchy, I pray that it is not catching - been there, done that, don't need the t-shirt.

My weekend will be spend in yet another whirlwind - grad ceremony to SATC to family birthday party to dry grad decorating to confirmation - no living vicariously through me, I'm afraid!!

Caution said...

After reading this, I understand that I am doing everything wrong. I'll need to wallow in that for a while and comfort myself with some sugary fat, no doubt.

Bear Naked said...

Waiting to see what the weather is going to be like on Saturday morning.
If it is nice we are off to "Art in the Park" if not we will stay home because we have done "Mud in the Park" and that is not fun.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Baby Bird on her award!
Misse you today, hope to see you at our next luncheon in Sept. If not before. :)

MamaGeek said...

First off, those pictures of your twins are awesome. Man where does time go?

And my alarm ALWAYS is going off to early every single day.

Lonjry is my NEW favorite word.

Flea said...

Oh my word. That poor woman. En route to another country and everything. But what a great story to tell the kid later!

Lisa J said...

Ok I didn't even take the time to read every ones comments, I have to go straight for the gusto. I LOVE TV way to much. I love commercials even more. One of my favs is the Happy Cows/Happy Cheese from California. And of course the Budweiser Beer with the horses. I can tell you almost every one of them. I have a few others but I guess you have figured out that I do watch too much tv.
This weekend is special. First I am a major horse racing fan.Having trained race horses when I was in high school (yes, the good ole skinny days!) I was a workout jockey and helped to break the colts. Only lasted a year, I think I got "broke" more than the colts did and we did not have protection gear back then. So I will be watching the Belmont Stakes cheering on Big Brown. I want a triple crown winner!!! We need one and he looks as good as any others in the past 30 years so we will see.
But I have friends from Georgia coming in Saturday and will be here through Sunday mid-morning I think. They are on a motorcycle ride from Georgia to NW Oklahoma and back seeing all kinds of God's beautiful country. Mike is a retired police officer with me and married a wonderful lady (Georgia Peach) who works in the school system there. Can't wait to visit with them.
You asked, so I guess I just had a lot to say. Sorry about that.

Leendaluu said...

i *kinda* have been doing the fitness thing anyway, so i haven't added anything. and i have been *trying* to do the water thing anyway. i have a pint and a half a day. i will double it. for you. well, ultimately for me. it's all about me. except when it isn't. . .


Way to go with the water. I am up and down with that. The wine, I have to keep saying that I'm not giving that up, but I have been back on the stepper this week. Good job to you!

insane mama said...

I did the no alcohol thing for about a month and I lost ten pounds
but I love my wine at night, so... I just eat less to compensate, is that wrong?