Monday, March 24, 2008

The Mom Factor

On Good Morning America this morning, they had a little feature about the mothers of the three remaining candidates for President. One thing they all appear to have had in common is their high expectations for their children.
  • Barack's mother Stanley (her father wanted a boy) instilled in him the belief that there is always something more out there.
  • Mrs. McCain (yes, she's still kicking!) was travelling in France recently, and when she was told she was too old to rent a car to tour the country, she just bought one instead.
  • Mrs. Rodham, abandoned by her parents at an early age, made up for it with caring for her own children. But, when daughter Hillary wanted to come home after only two weeks at Wellesley, she wouldn't hear of it. She knew what her girl could accomplish.

Luckily, my two have set their sights high as well. It's a good thing because I have set mine high too in this vicarious life I live!
I have my new college flip-flops all ready to go.
Any other Pi Phi's out there?


Meg said...

HOW KEWL are you?!!!! Love the flipflops AND your pedi!

Have a great week!

abb said...

ring-ching-ching greetings to you dear friend.


Snooty Primadona said...

Well... I have lots of friends who were pi phi's. Does that count? I didn't care for Greek (I went in the late 60's & early 70's, so everyone was smoking pot instead of joining anything.) in my college days, but daughter pledged Theta @ U of TX.

I still like your shoes.

Anonymous said...

Love the flip flops. So the college/colleges picked must have a pi phi house, yes? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the college flips...still wear mine!

Flea said...

Ditto with Meg!

Country Girl said...

Awesome pedi! I usually don't like feet shots, but am finding this one quite nice. I love that color.

Mental P Mama said...

Kate--thank you, and I'm glad you're up and reading! The polish color is called Boris and Natasha by OPI.