Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ladies at Lunch

Yesterday, a couple of the ladies of Cocktail Corner and I moseyed out for a bite and a sip. Not necessarily in that order. The three of us, all novice bloggers, were all atwitter with our bursts of creativity. We may even have something brewing for your added pleasure. More on this later.

We had a delicious lunch. Nice, crisp chardonnay, french fries, soup, smoked salmon, sandwiches, chardonnay, another order of french fries. You get the picture. Jules' six-year-old Connor (also in attendance, and feasting on a shirley temple with an ice cream entree) suggested matter-of-factly that we should write a blog about chardonnay. We raise smart kids here in Cocktail Corner.

Annie is all about her New Year's Weight Watchers membership. She asked for extra creme fraiche with her salmon. I'm just saying. She is so inspirational that I actually went online Thursday morning to sign up at Weight Watcher's, too. By noon, I had already gone back and cancelled my membership. Way too much work, and I don't like creme fraiche if that's what you have to eat.

We won't go into my intake, because I can't remember it all. But, to make amends, I am off for a brisk walk. And I have to get a pork shoulder going. We're supposed to have some snow tonight, and we need to get our strength up in case we need to shovel.

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abb said...

I never did get my creme fraiche if you recall ;-)