Friday, January 25, 2008

Puppy Poll

Has anyone out there seen the new Pedigree pet food commercial with the shelter dog named Echo? In case you haven't: Echo is in his cage in the shelter, and a family walks by and pauses in front of him; Echo greets them with a wagging tail and a big smile; they walk away; Echo cranes his little head to watch them leave. The kicker of the whole dadgum thing: he is still smiling. Gah. I do believe that my hormones have truly taken over.

I also believe deep in my soul that we need a new rescue dog. I got a grip on myself after last year's commercials with the shelter dogs. Especially this one. However, a funny thing happened in the blog-o-sphere right after the holidays. It started with The Pioneer Woman, arrrgh. And then, Dooce did me completely in with Coco. I can't stop looking at these puppies. I need to have them.

It's also the thought of all those homeless dogs like Echo that plagues me. I just can't seem to let those animals leave my mind for long at all. Our family adopted baby Dora after she and her littermates were abandoned along with their mother. We had had to put our beloved Bichon Boomer to sleep the year before, and the kids and I spent hours looking at the dogs for adoption online. Then we found Dora.

The kids and I went to 'view' the puppies one sparkling summer morning. Dear husband Squazz, on his way to golf, said one last time that we didn't need a new puppy just yet. Yeah, okay. We visited Dora and three of her sisters in their foster home nearby. Thirty minutes later, we were at a pet supply store buying everything in site. New puppy in hand. Sorry Squazz.
Guess who loves, loves, loves his baby more than anything now? Guess who talks baby talk all day long? Well, truth be told, we all do. Just look at her.

Doesn't Dora need a sibling? Let's hear it....

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hotelacorn said...

mom remember when we were going to get maggia at first but dora loved us more
-i vote yes!