Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the Day You Were Born

When my babies were born, we were given this book.  It immediately became my favorite, and as soon as they could talk, The Bird and Augie asked us to read it to them every day.  They actually asked us to read hundreds of books every day; "Hello comb, hello brush...."  It was a rare day that I could get through reading this one to them that I didn't choke up a bit, and that was just the way it was.

And now?  In the 10 or so days since they have become college graduates, and have set their sights on their next steps, all I can think about is this book.  And how we did, indeed, sing when they came to this Earth.  And to us.  And I still get teary.

The gift of all gifts; they are my heart.  I am so very honored that they came through me. And this spinning world is all theirs.

On the day you were born
the moon pulled on the ocean below,
and, wave by wave,
a rising tide washed the beaches clean
for your footprints...
...while far out at sea
clouds swelled with water drops,
sailed to shore on a wind,
and rained you a welcome
across the Earth's green lands.

On the day you were born
the Earth turned, the Moon pulled,
the Sun flared, and, then, with a push,

you slipped out of the dark quiet
where suddenly you could hear...
...a circle of people singing
with voices familiar and clear.

"Welcome to the spinning world." the people sang,
as they washed your new, tiny hands.

"Welcome to the green Earth," the people sang,
as they wrapped your wet, slippery body.

And as they held you close
they whispered into your open, curving ear,
"We are so glad you've come."

- From On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This 'n That Thursday

Did I mention that my children are graduating from college this weekend?  On the same day?  At the same hour?  Here's how we're gonna do it:

  • Friday morning: MPM flies to Charlottesville, Virginia, rents car.
  • Friday evening: MPM and The Bird have dinner at Monticello.  Yes, Monticello!
  • Friday night: MPM has been invited to a party at The Bird's apartment.
  • Meanwhile, the MP Dad is is Philadelphia attending festivities with Augie.
  • Saturday morning: Stephen Colbert delivers the Valedictory speech at UVA.  MPM is a little bit excited about this.
  • Saturday afternoon: MPM drives to Philadelphia and MP Dad drives from Philadelphia to Virginia.
  • Saturday evening: MPM attends party with Augie and other friends and parents.
  • Sunday morning: the babies graduate from their respective universities.  MPM cries.
  • Sunday afternoon/evening: festivities ensue.  
  • Monday morning: MPM begins to pester Augie to wake up so she can help him throw away all the crap and fumigate  pack his apartment.
  • Monday evening: MPM flies back to Nashville.  MPM cries a little bit more.
Where did the time go?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

The one where The Bird gives shopping advice to her brother:

I don't think I know the outcome of this shopping adventure.
But I will find out in 3 sleeps!
I am Virginia and Philly bound!
My college graduates.
Wasn't it just yesterday when they went to kindergarten?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This 'n That Thursday

Listen up!
  • Nashville and Franklin are in the top of the job market nationally.
  • Tennessee was just named the number one retirement destination.
  • Did you know I sell real estate in Tennessee?  In Franklin and Nashville?
  • I cannot believe that my babies are graduating from college next weekend.
  • I had my 35th high school reunion last weekend.  It was wonderful.
  • Did you know Amy Grant was in my high school class?  We had an evening at her home.
  • I get to hear Stephen Colbert speak at UVA.  I'm way excited.
  • Whatever happened to grape Nehi?
  • Today is an eclipse of the new moon.  It is a time for new beginnings.
  • Did I tell you I sell real estate?
  • I can't decide whether or not to go see "The Great Gatsby."  
  • I am obsessed with my juicer.
  • I have an urge to smell a baby's head lately.
  • I think the book is always better than the movie.
  • I bought cilantro instead of parsley the other day.  I thought I was gonna die of the smell.
  • My favorite juice is kale, chard, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon.
  • I think cilantro is the scourge of the earth.
  • Can you believe my babies are graduating from college?
What's going on in your world?