Thursday, November 29, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • Heavy frost on the ground this morning; gonna be 70 by Sunday.  I love this place.
  • I have never seen or read Old Yeller.
  • Christmas travel plans are complete.  Dora and I are driving to Connecticut.  By ourselves.
  • After having thoroughly researched the subject, I believe I have found a hairdresser.  There is a three and a half week wait to see her.  Things are gonna get ugly before then.
  • Of all the spam emails I get, it's the Barry Manilow ones that have me most perplexed.
  • Setting achievable goals for the coming year is hard.
  • Why can I not get rid of those Samsung USA posts on my Facebook page?  They annoy the tar out of me.
  • Yesterday's full moon/eclipse/Jupiter business was amazing.  And my dreams last night were wild.  You?
  • Do you think an old lady can learn to play the guitar?  And play it well?
  • I just saw an ad for Neiman Marcus and Target on December 1.  I am officially intrigued.
  • I have a day full of classes and coaching today...better go figure out what to do with this hair.  What does your day look like?
I hope it's a great one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

I still get no respect.

For those of you who would like a little laugh.  This is what she posted: 

And I don't do any of that.
Except for maybe #10.  And 12, 21, 27....

Please tell me I am not alone.  Please?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Motivation

  • Okay.  Got to hit the ground running.
  • Dora and I had the best Thanksgiving in Alabama.  Good people, good food, good drinks, good conversation.  
  • And today?  I start this 30 days of clean eating.
  • My kids and I have got to figure out our Christmas travel plans today.
  • Do not forget to get a Powerball ticket.
  • I brought home 2 pounds of pastured Amish butter from Alabama.
  • I crave being around wisdom-seekers who then act on it.
  • I think I am going to have a one year learning curve for the real estate world here in middle Tennessee.  Thankfully, there is a lot of support, and I intend to take advantage of it all.
  • If you've never had it, I highly recommend Turmeric tea.  It is good for you, and it is divine.
  • What are you doing this week?  I hope it's rewarding in every way.  xoxo

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Mashup

  • When I typed "mashup," I thought of mashed potatoes.
  • Dora and I are heading to Alabama tomorrow for the week.  I think I may have some mashed potatoes.
  • I don't understand all the Twinkie drama.  Those things are disgusting.
  • I have been making arrangements for my babies' graduations.  College graduations.  Where did the time go?
  • They are graduating the same day.  One in Philadelphia and one in Virginia.  Sigh.
  • I have become slightly obsessed with brussels sprouts.
  • I just had my first post-cancer mammogram.  Have you had yours this year?
  • I am so grateful for proactive heathcare options.
  • I am so grateful for every single thing.
  • So grateful.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This 'n That Thursday


  • I do not like being a "beginner."  And I am just that in every aspect of my new career in real estate.
  • Why do people wear sequins during daylight hours?
  • I have a one year learning curve ahead of me.  It's a good thing I love my coach.
  • I need to hurry up and watch Breaking Dawn Part 1.
  • What do you think of Google Chrome?
  • Did using turn signals just become an option?
  • I'm going to a music event in a vineyard tomorrow night.  I consider that a stellar combination.
  • There is a lot of amazing music everywhere here.  A lot.
  • One week til Thanksgiving.  What are you doing?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hump Day Haiku

dora sent a note
when her mama went to race
next time they switch

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

So, when I did the half marathon on Sunday at the Outer Banks?
I noticed a J. Crew outlet along the course.
And the next day?
I went there.

I am happy to report that I have finished my shopping for The Bird.
Now, what to get her brother.
We have 42 days.
Have you done your shopping yet?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fragments on Friday

  • It's Veterans Day weekend.  Please reach out to a hero, and thank them personally for their service to you.  Thank you, Debbie.
  • I leave early tomorrow morning to go participate in the OBX Half Marathon on Sunday.  Once again I have procrastinated and it may be ugly.  I'm not prepared as much as I'd like.
  • But I get to be with some awesome Blisters.  So it's all good.  Plus, there may be some wine afterwards.
  • Dora is going here.
  • This is her itinerary:  THE DOG WHO THINKS HE’S A HUMAN:
    » Morning Creek-side Nature Walk
    » Afternoon Playtime (with fellow-human)
    » Nightly Bedtime Story with Signature Bedtime Biscuit & Tuck-in
    » Four additional escorted outings throughout the day
  • I kinda wish I was staying there with her.  I mean, who wouldn't want a Bedtime Biscuit and Tuck-In?
  • I have so much to learn at work.  I feel like I need a kindergartner to teach me the computer stuff.
  • I love country music all of a sudden.  This song is my new obsession.  Brad lives here in Franklin;)
  • Have a safe and wonderful weekend.  Wish me luck.  Please.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

Remember that phase when the little cherubs ignore you?
Yea, we're still in that one.
It's a good thing I'm my own little party....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning Motivation

Part of the training program with my new real estate company is working with a Coach.  Her name is Alice, and I love her.  We are currently working on setting 2013 goals and steps we need to take to reach those goals. I have never actually sat down and written goals for a coming year.  I find it both exciting and terrifying.  Anyway, last week, we talked about the things that hold us back.  We all know what that is: internal negative chatter, external naysayers, lost focus, you get it.  One of the things that stayed in my mind after that session a miracle, I can assure you was the notion of de-cluttering our minds.  I am always onto the next thought or idea long before my current project is complete.  I used to call it my creative flow.  But, I have determined that it is mind clutter that derails me.

My mind clutter comes from my surroundings.  My housekeeping philosophy has always been that clutter is fine, it's the dirt I cannot tolerate.  So, as long as my house is actually clean, I can have stacks of stuff all over the place.  Magazines, coupons, paperwork, doo-dads.  You name it, I am surrounded by it; I like to think it is organized, but it is what it is.  Clutter.  So I came home last week, and started de-cluttering.  You'd think that a 1000 mile move in July would have necessitated a de-cluttering already, and it did.  But clutter has a way of springing up.  Fast.

I should be finished by the end of today in my office area.  If nothing else, I feel really accomplished.  But I can already tell that the energy in my little abode is already lighter.  My goals are coming together, and I am so looking forward to the future.  Did I tell you that I love Alice?

Do you have any clutter?  Come on, be honest.  Just try to clean out an area and tell me that you don't actually feel lighter and energized.  Just try it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • Rabbit, rabbit.  Sending lots of good first-day-of-the-month love to my friends impacted by Sandy.
  • That one with the white fence around it used to be my house in Westport.  This picture was taken by the Connecticut National Guard on Tuesday afternoon.  I'm thinking they had water on the first floor during high tide Monday night.  
  • The devastation in New York City and New Jersey, however, looks horrifying.
  • And let's give props to Christie, Cuomo, Malloy, Bloomberg and President Obama.  That's what bipartisanship should look like.
  • By the way, I had a dream on Monday night that I was married to Mitt Romney.  I am blaming it on the full moon.  Our marriage seemed to be very good, though.  More bipartisanship.
  • Meanwhile, here in reality, I am heading to my new office this morning.  So thankful.  So very thankful.