Thursday, November 29, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • Heavy frost on the ground this morning; gonna be 70 by Sunday.  I love this place.
  • I have never seen or read Old Yeller.
  • Christmas travel plans are complete.  Dora and I are driving to Connecticut.  By ourselves.
  • After having thoroughly researched the subject, I believe I have found a hairdresser.  There is a three and a half week wait to see her.  Things are gonna get ugly before then.
  • Of all the spam emails I get, it's the Barry Manilow ones that have me most perplexed.
  • Setting achievable goals for the coming year is hard.
  • Why can I not get rid of those Samsung USA posts on my Facebook page?  They annoy the tar out of me.
  • Yesterday's full moon/eclipse/Jupiter business was amazing.  And my dreams last night were wild.  You?
  • Do you think an old lady can learn to play the guitar?  And play it well?
  • I just saw an ad for Neiman Marcus and Target on December 1.  I am officially intrigued.
  • I have a day full of classes and coaching today...better go figure out what to do with this hair.  What does your day look like?
I hope it's a great one.


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Get ya a box of kleenex for Old Yeller. I can't watch it anymore. Can't watch The Yearling or the Red Pony either. My day looks sunny and warmer than the past days and may include a trip to St. Lou!

Country Girl said...

Wish Dora could help you with the driving ~ I'm just psyched that I may get to see you over the holidays.
Thank you for reminding me to make a hair appointment. Glad your tresses will be acceptable by the time I see you. Ha!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

My hair? Looks like I flew in on a broom.

Also? It looks like it was used as a broom. Or a mop.

Or Cousin It.

Way overdue for some maintenance.

Nelson's Mama said...

You'd have to drive further, but I can recommend someone in Donelson if you'd like to email me :)

Sally said...

Plans made for Christmas, YAY you!!

I'm getting all kinds of junk on FB. It bothered me at first; now, I don't care.


abb said...

I cannot believe you've never cried over Old Yeller.

Grandmother Mary said...

Watch Old Yeller with Dora- she'l love it!

Donalyn said...

Breaking in a new hairdresser myself - why is it so hard to find one you like?

It may be too late for Old Yeller now - I think it's best to ease into that at a younger age...

Debbie said...

Just thinking of Old Yeller I tear up.

Hair? Gah.

Samsung...same here.

You learn guitar and I'll learn piano. We'll go on the road.

I'm glad you and Dora are going to CT for Christmas ♥