Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

Hurricane humor.
I get no respect.
Even in a storm.
So thankful all my people made it through.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Be well my family and friends.
Please take this storm seriously.

St. Paul's on the Green, Norwalk, CT

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • Did you have a shelf of african violets in your grammar school classroom?  With the purply gro-light?
  • Remember my friend Ingelein?  This is her awesome mother. We are all having dinner tonight.
  • Do kids still fingerpaint?  With that thick, cold jellylike stuff?
  • That crazy parachute dude is kinda hot.
  • That Taylor Swift gives me the creeps.  Something's not right with her.
  • A very good friend from Connecticut is coming for a visit tomorrow.  So happy.
  • What's with all the sudden endorsements on LinkedIn?  I appreciate them!
  • Yesterday, I procrastinated postponed my run until midday.  My route takes me right past Sonic.  It smelled divine.
  • I think I may have a burger today.
  • What's with all those mesh lawsuit emails?  I haven't had that procedure.  Yet.
  • Middle Tennessee in October is heavenly.
  • I am so blessed.  And grateful.  So very grateful.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

Across the miles:
I miss my Baby Bird.
By the way, the hair care line is called Living Proof.
You can get it at Sephora and Nordstrom.
I just went to Target and got some L'Oreal.

Monday, October 22, 2012


  • Is it me, or are the weekends going by in a blur?
  • I have turned into a football lunatic.  
  • Aren't those tap lights the best?
  • It is going to be 80 and sunny every day this week.
  • After all the paperwork is done, I am joining a real estate firm this week.
  • I have a lot of paperwork and a home study to complete.
  • I think I will do my paperwork by the pool here.
  • Rumor has it, the pool here never closes down. Like, never.
  • Dora and I are dog-sitting.  It is quite the adventure.  Meet Xoco:
The Hairless Princess Dog.

What are you doing this week?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

Funny stuff I found while procrastinating looking for a job:

  • Did you know that Kate Gosselin was a "coupon blogger"? Well, she's not any more.  She went and got herself fired.
  • Uma Thurmond named her baby girl this: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson.  Ummmmm.
  • Somebody stole a car in Colorado.  It was full of snakes and other reptiles
  • How about these guys?  
  • The Governor of Florida gave out a sex line number by mistake.  He was trying to give a meningitis hotline number.
  • Home Pet Spa.  When you don't have a tub? 
  • A guy got drunk and couldn't find his car.  For two years.  
  • OJ Simpson is selling a mysterious knife.  For 5 million bucks.
  • I go here several times a day.  Sheer genius.
  • Alright.  I'm done here.  Now go forth and procrastinate.  I need company.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dora and I are entertaining for the second time this week.
What should we make for dinner?
I am thinking about baked shrimp, salad, 
and linguine and garlic bread (for the wheat eaters).
Savory nibbles before, and sweet nibbles after.
We will be cheering for the Cardinals tonight.
That's who you cheer for in Middle Tennessee.

Dora even has two dog friends coming.
We will have treats for them as well.

Do you have any suggestions?
What are you doing for Hump Day?

EDIT: it's now pulled pork and tailgate cole slaw

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

I'd forgotten about these conversations I had with my kids before they visited last weekend.
You know the kind: when you ask them what they want to eat so you can stock up?
I actually looked for those Oreos.
Then we found out that my "baby boy" had actually never flown by himself.
That was a shocker.
But in his defense, he is a twin, and his school is easy driving and training distance from home.

 But this part?
Not because he was folded into a tiny seat,
but because he was absolutely right about me.
I don't, um, like to be aware of other people on the plane, or to be near them.

But don't you like my awesome, reassuring parenting skills?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Motivation

29 years ago today:

Aquarius Horoscope
For The Week Starting October 15, 2012
This will turn out to be a great week for you. Your intuition is strong so follow your hunches. You may experience some sudden changes and happenings that may improve your surroundings. The chance of a lifetime could be yours before this week is over. Timing is everything this week. A large expense decreases your bank funds but you have expected it. If you have any artistic talent it will come out this next week.

What a difference a few decades make.  How does your week look?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Free-for-all

Nonsense I think about while I am busy avoiding other responsibilities:

  • Had dinner last night with Connecticut friends who are in town for Vanderbilt family weekend.
  • I have been quite the gal about town lately.  I need to stay in and detox.
  • That Katie Couric show is not very good.
  • Actually, all daytime TV is pretty lame.
  • Except for Michael Strahan.  He is so cute.
  • Oh, and Ellen.
  • Have transitioned Dora to an all raw diet, and almost immediately, all of her health issues have improved.
  • Is it possible to floss too much?
  • Read any good books lately?
  • If you haven't done so, please register to be a marrow donor.  And get your family to do so. Especially those younger than 40.  All you need is a cheek swab.
  • There is large azalea in full bloom here.  
  • I am participating in a half marathon in one month.  I am woefully behind in training.
  • What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Missing my babies today.  
We had such a wonderful weekend together.  
So very proud of them,
And the fact that they have both roots and wings.

And in other news, Lindsay Lohan and her mother involved in a drunken brawl.
With each other.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Frizzies

  • It is gonna be 84 today.  And humid.  Mama's ponytail will be a big feature.
  • Getting the nest feathered for the babies' return later today.
  • I took the Tennessee Real Estate Licensing Exam yesterday.
  • I miss Eastern Airlines.
  • Dora is doing much better.  Thanks for all the well-wishes.
  • Did any of you see that hair and chalk ball that doctors in India took out of a lady's gut?  Yeah.  I won't post the link.  You're welcome.
  • I love Target.  Love it. And that statement right there probably made my mother roll over.  She never went into a big store in her life.  She also never wore jeans.
  • I miss my mama.
  • I treated myself to a mani/pedi on Tuesday and promptly broke out in hives all over my lower legs.  They are still there.  So pretty.
  • Oh, I passed the exam!
Have a great weekend.  Love, MPM

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Haiku

our morning routine
is not so much fun these days
get well soon dora

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

In three sleeps.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Morning Mashup

  • It's a gloomy, rainy day and I like it.
  • In 4 sleeps, my babies will be here.
  • I wish Lindsay Lohan and her mother would go away.
  • I think Kate Middleton has learned a big lesson.
  • And Arnold Schwarzenegger?  ugh
  • Pioneer Woman's Italian Drip Roast is my newest addiction.
  • October may be my favorite month.
  • The birds around here are very busy.  And the killdeer chirp all night long.
  • We have not seen the mountain lion again, but Dora and I did encounter a fire extinguisher in the middle of a field.  So funny.
  • I have a busy week with lots of real estate studying to do.  And maybe some roast beef, too.  You?