Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • Did you have a shelf of african violets in your grammar school classroom?  With the purply gro-light?
  • Remember my friend Ingelein?  This is her awesome mother. We are all having dinner tonight.
  • Do kids still fingerpaint?  With that thick, cold jellylike stuff?
  • That crazy parachute dude is kinda hot.
  • That Taylor Swift gives me the creeps.  Something's not right with her.
  • A very good friend from Connecticut is coming for a visit tomorrow.  So happy.
  • What's with all the sudden endorsements on LinkedIn?  I appreciate them!
  • Yesterday, I procrastinated postponed my run until midday.  My route takes me right past Sonic.  It smelled divine.
  • I think I may have a burger today.
  • What's with all those mesh lawsuit emails?  I haven't had that procedure.  Yet.
  • Middle Tennessee in October is heavenly.
  • I am so blessed.  And grateful.  So very grateful.


joanne said...

we recently got our first it worth the trip? I keep hearing things about the Sonic not Tennessee.
Have a lovely dinner and a sweet visit with your Conn. g/friend. Be kind when you speak of me!

LL Cool Joe said...

That's funny you should mention Taylor Swift, but my partner said that they saw her in an interview and she comes across as really unintelligent. I dunno if that's true or not.

Sally said...

Awwww, have a great time with your friend. :)

Taylor Swift? I'm quite mesmerized by the deductions; if she's not right, please don't tell Hunter.


abb said...

OK, who's the lucky CT friend that's visiting??? Is she/he sleeping in MY bed??? xo

Daryl said...

the only Sonic i've ever been to was in Franklin... I think those endorsements from LinkedIn are phishing expeditions .. did you know you endorsed me? yup. what's a mesh procedure? who's coming from CT? no shelf of violets when i was in school have fun with your old friend and her mama

Unknown said...

I always loved finger painting when I was little. And I remember that when my kids were little, they were required to bring an art smock to kindergarten for fingerpainting days.

I *hope* that kids still fingerpaint. It's so much fun.

jo(e) said...

That last comment was me -- not sure why Google is giving me a hard time.

Debbie said...

I pass Sonic every time I go into town (2 miles) and I never stop. Let me know if I should start :)

Glad you are having company and they will enjoy the TN weather as well...gorgeous.

Getting the Linkedin thing too. I'm NOT a Taylor Swift fan and I agree.

Sometimes grateful just doesn't seem adequate enough and I know you must feel the same at times! ♥

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I had my twice-yearly McDonald's Fillet o' Fish sandwich after running a 10K.

I could have eaten a burger even after scarfing the fillet o'fish.

In grammar school we stuck celery stalks into colored/dyed water and watched the leaves turn the color of the water. I remember being disturbed. This may explain why I won't drink the well water here.

Sorry for rambling. Enjoy the time with your friend!

beth said...

i can't believe you mentioned wanting a burger....for some reason i am craving a cheeseburger right now and it's only 8 in the morning.

i guess i know what dinner will be tonight :)