Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dora and I are entertaining for the second time this week.
What should we make for dinner?
I am thinking about baked shrimp, salad, 
and linguine and garlic bread (for the wheat eaters).
Savory nibbles before, and sweet nibbles after.
We will be cheering for the Cardinals tonight.
That's who you cheer for in Middle Tennessee.

Dora even has two dog friends coming.
We will have treats for them as well.

Do you have any suggestions?
What are you doing for Hump Day?

EDIT: it's now pulled pork and tailgate cole slaw


Pix from MissouREE! said...

Go Cards!!!.. :)

I Am Woody said...

Candy. Always serve candy.

I Am Woody said...

And dog treats :)

abb said...

Good to hear you've finally come to your senses and are a Cards fan! Who's joining you? Your new menu sounds delicious! (How do you make tailgate cole slaw???)

Daryl said...

a lovely malbec would work with either .. you are a regular Perl Mesta!

Debbie said...

Never being one to entertain...I think it sounds delicious and will be a hit!

Well, actually I used to but haven't lately :)

I don't like baseball LOL

Country Girl said...

Just reading that you and Dora are entertaining brings a huge smile to my face. Love your menu!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

It all sounds wonderful.

joanne said...

well it all sounds just delish! I'm sure they are coming for the company anyway..;j