Thursday, January 17, 2008

Party Planners

Last night I had the rare treat of being home alone. But I wasn't alone for long because the ladies of Cocktail Corner had some work to do. We had to plan my surprise birthday brunch. So we cracked open the frosty chardonnay and got to work. Annie was very industrious, calling and emailing all the guests to get them lined up for my big celebration. We like to have a big midday celebration for all the ladies in and around Cocktail Corner when they have a birthday.

Because we are always looking for any reason to have a little party. Isn't that right Jules?


Ginny said...

Since this sounds like great fun, and since you are planning your own party, can I come?
Love you,

Mental P Mama said...

Of course, but only if you don't bring a present! I'll send you the details.