Thursday, January 24, 2008

Riveting Conversation

I made the mistake of calling my children from bridge last night.

Me: Hi Augie, how was SAT class?
Augie: Good.
Me: Are you okay, you sound upset?
Augie: No, I'm fine, I hafta go.
Me: Is Bird nearby?
Bird: Hello?
Me: Hi Bird, how was SAT class?
Bird: Good, I have to go study. Bye
Me: Wait, wait--did you learn anything?
Bird: Of course, why would I even go? Hmph.
Me: ...


abb said...

You really expected more than that?? ;-)

Mental P Mama said...

sigh. I should know better, huh?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You should be thrilled to death--well, not to death--but you should be thrilled that they are so self sufficient, so take charge of their lives. I'm sure you are. They sound like wonderfully normal kids to me. Congratulations on rearing such WN kids.

Mental P Mama said...

thank you Lynne! I actually am very proud of them!