Monday, January 7, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Dear Internets, I have just returned from a morning with my dermatologist. We have become good friends over the last few years because of my aging issues. I have many of these apparently.

Today, I had two new spots removed for biopsy. One on my face, and one on my leg. Last year at this time, I had a pre-cancerous growth removed from my leg. I now have a divot and scar the size of a large grape on my left leg. Pretty.

If you are anywhere on the life track near me, do you remember those glory days of baby oil and iodine? Remember those Spring Breaks where we all glistened and smelled sweetly of coconuts? I do. And how good we looked in our white sundresses with those tans? I do. Unfortunately, I have had a hard time losing the "tan = pretty" mentality; even in my forties. And now I get to visit my good friend Dr. N on a regular basis.

Wear your sunscreen! Tie all family members down and slather it on them, too. It is one of the easiest, healthy things you can do for yourself. Really. Our moms were right. Gah.


Renna said...

I remember those glory days. Ugh, the hours I wasted baking in the sun, and the abuse to my hair with all that Sun-In. And yet, those days of lying in the sun with not a care 'cept what rock and roll song was playing on the radio, or if such and such boy had noticed me. Yep, glory days, for sure.

I was fortunate that I inherited my dad's olive skin rather than my mom's pasty white epidermus. No ill effects have surfaced for me yet.

Mental P Mama said...

Renna-- I forgot about Sun-In!!! So true...and you are lucky to have olive skin!

Ginny said...

Lauren dear,
Even the red-headed Irish girl basted hreself with baby oil and 'tanned' to the point of blistering. What fun! Just the mention of the coconut scent transports me back 25 years (well, maybe 35) to those blissful days. Not a care in the world except how hot we looked. And paying for it now.
Bottom line: Youth truly is wasted on the young, at least it was for me!