Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finch War Wednesday

Oh, hi there.
Got thistle?
One day not too long ago, I told Annie all about the wonders of my goldfinch feeders.  I even accompanied her to the bird store to show her what to get.
Then she talked Jules into it, too.
We were all excited about it.
Giddy, actually.
Now we are all at war.
The War for Goldfinch Love.
I was feeling lots of the love.
I was the popular girl.
The birds always wanted to be with me.
Now, not so much.

I think they're spiking the seeds around the corner with a little something special to attract all the birds.
Some sort of Goldfinch Nip if you will.

But, the birds are starting to come back to their favorite place:
Chez Mental Mama.
What's that you say Annie?
Don't take your picture?
I can't hear you.
La La La La La La


abb said...

That last picture...just 'cause your ~losing~ the GFW doesn't mean you hafta stoop to THAT level!


Jules said...

Oh my, she's shouting at been berry bad;)

bj said...

Just wanted to tell you I read your comment on Little Red House site and nearly pee'd my pants, laughing so hard.....I can just feel that same clinching, just talking about it....

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i love the birds ... all of em and have many different types of feeders...i have only seen a couple goldfinches so far this year...but that tree blooming pink... OH MY HOW BEAUTIFUL!
and the last pic :D tisk tisk LOL love it!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely enjoying the GFW!

Treasia Stepp said...

Beautiful pictures of finch's today. But shame, shame shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Bwhahahahaha! I'm loving this GFW!!! Must visit Annie's blog to see if there is a reaction! ;-)

(Beautiful Goldfinch photos BTW... just beautiful!)

abb said...

BTW - that first picture is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. OMG. I'm jealous.


Don't you know what secrets to keep? Never, never, never tell your bird secrets to your friends. Bet it was when you were under the influence of cocktail hour.

Egghead said...

Those birds are so beautiful. We have these little chipmunks that are sneaking in and eating the feed from a couple of my feeders. But I think they are so darned cute that I won't chase them away.

Daryl said...

Thanks for stopping by former neighbor! YES! Most of those are from Fairway where the security outside doesnt like it when I take pix .. come on ... its produce!

And some of the others are from Westside Market and the GreenFlea over at the schoolyard on 77/Columbus!

If you get homesick .. come visit again ...

Where in CT are you?


Snooty Primadona said...

I love birds too and sit outside watching them all the time. They really are funny little creatures.

Great picture there at the last, lol. Who is that handed woman?

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Love the pictures! my feeders have cardinals, blue birds and many hummingbirds which I hope to catch with photos.

Mary said...

"Why can't we all just get along?"

btw, beautiful pics!

Mary said...

I'd say you are both winners in this war....lots of goldfinches to go around :-) Calm casualties..

Anonymous said...

I have always said, don't mess with people who have a blog...even if you have one yourself.

Flea said...

Lalalalala! What fun! And yes, get your guest room ready. :)

abb said...

Actually, the palm of my hand is quite beautiful...I've never noticed.

Debbie said...

Girl, I'm glad you get me LOL. Must be the Aquarian thing :)

Did you take these pictures, for real? I am so friggin impressed! I need to get one of them feeders too..ya'll making it so fun!

Love this post and you always make me smile whether here or over at my talking rabbit site.

What's the Little Red House site?

foolery said...

You are so funny, MPM. I think I'd be at war over birds that beautiful, too. :)

-- Laurie

Anonymous said...


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