Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

  • I went to a new church yesterday that has a great vibe.
  • My babies are starting their senior year of college this week.  How did that happen?
  • I may be the only person on the planet who is not on Pinterest.
  • I am worried about New Orleans.  Any category storm is going to be bad.
  • That being said, I hope we get some of that rain here in Middle Tennessee.
  • Bacon may be the world's most perfect food.
  • I think Dora agrees with that assessment.
  • There are a lot of hot air balloons around here.
  • We have a vineyard nearby, and I have not even been there yet.
  • What does your week look like?


Sally said...

I'm not on pinterest. No surpriae there.

LOVE bacon, and so does Hunter.

Couldn't walk today, the rain.

I'm worried also about New Orleans. :(

I just practically wrote a book on my blog, and kind of sorry I did. :(

Go to the vineyard!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I just got on pinterest. I like it. And bacon. I am going to a vineyard on Wednesday with my mother. Back to school orientation on Thursday. My baby is going to highschool...wait I had a baby?? Prayers for New Orleans.

I Am Woody said...

It seems like just yesterday that they were leaving for college! I can't believe how fast things move!

I have a spot on Pinterest. But I never go there. It only makes me sad that I'm not more crafty.

I've never been to Arrington Vineyards either. But the pics I see of friends there make it look like a really, really fun place!

Jamie said...

Not only am I on Pinterest, but I've tried several recipes and ideas I've found there. I like bacon. I'm not going to a vineyard but I'm thinking I'll be drinking some wine. I miss my daughter now that she's off at college, but I'm enjoying the larger bedroom.

Debbie said...

I was on Pinterest and someone mentioned copyright laws and I quickly left. I can't go to jail :(

I hope you give Dora all the bacon she wants. I would also suggest venison treats hahahaha

I'm worried about New Orleans too.

It still seems like yesterday that we had a year before the babies LEFT for college. Gah.

My week: I put a pipe out to reroute some water away from house. The man who may one day dig a trench in my yard might show up. I may edge the other side of the driveway LOL

So many exciting things hahaha

Go to the vineyard.

abb said...

Bacon is a gift to mankind. Except for daughter Brynn who hates it. I don't understand that in the least. Wish I could go to that winery with you! xo

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bacon is divine.

The End.

Country Girl said...

I deleted my Pinterest account. It was such a waste of time. George says to tell you he loves bacon. I do, too. I still can't believe your kids are starting their fourth year. Dang.

Donna S. said...

I signed up for Pinterest but don't go there much. Doesn't excite me. Ummmm bacon. We got quite a good rain shower here today! Needed it but did it have to be the exact time to walk to the corner to get grandkids off of bus!? Hair appointment Wednesday! Yea! But what to do?

Karen Deborah said...

seniors really? really?
I am not on pinterest either.
a vineyard?
what's your church?
bacon rawks.
southern food is da bomb.

joanne said...

Oh wow! I agree with everyone...must be kismet. Bacon yes, Pinterest, huh?

Hilary said...

I have no interest in Pinterest (or Facebook, for that matter) but Benny would agree with you on the bacon front.

Daryl said...

I was on Pinterest but it bored me .. whats the deal about posting things you find online? get a blog!

Bacon .. ssh .. its the one 'meat' that i occasionally nibble .. emphasis on 'occasional'

Wait, i am coming with you to the winery!!!!!!

Deb said...

Pinterest is an easy way to pass several hours...bacon, yeah baby...but please make it turkey...hos can it be that your babies are in their senior year? Guess that's why Jack is now 4!

Best yet...I remembered my password!