Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

  • I had my a/c on in the car yesterday.  February 22.  In Connecticut.
  • Augie is coming home this weekend.  I wonder if I will see him at all.
  • I have never ridden in a helicopter.
  • Why do people speed in parking lots?
  • Blue is my favorite color today.
  • Is there anything better than actually laughing out loud?
  • There are 306 days until Christmas.
  • George Washington really never wore a wig?
  • I saw a bobcat a few weeks ago.  In Connecticut.
  • I am obsessed with that honey badger.


Jamie said...

I had my windows down and today I'm wearing flip flops and a toe ring. I've heard a Bobcat and I've never been in a helicopter either.

Daryl said...

Its not that warm here, there was a strong cold wind ... Toonman has a cold ... I am sure I'll have a cold before the weekend is over...I've never been in a helicopter but a friend's husband was killed when one crashed so I am not really in a hurry to cross that off my bucket list .. in fact to be honest its not on my bucket list .. tomorrow is Friday!!!!

I Am Woody said...

Just an FYI: When you do ride in a helicopter, do not wear a skirt. Yes, I know this from experience!

Thomas Jefferson said...

A lot of the Founding Fathers didn't wear wigs, it was actually almost taboo. They just showed their own hair as a way of dis-sociating with Great Britain and proving that they believed in equality/the common people. Fun fact.

abb said...

Honey Badger all the way!

And I too had on the A/C in my car yesterday. In CT.

Sally said...

The sun is finally shining this morning after some cloudy days.

Are you sure about George? :)

The girls are coming over in a few. That's the good news.

I need to go the grocery; that's the bad news 'cause I have to get dressed. UGH

Did Martha wear a wig when they did the Minuet? I had to in 5th grade on the stage with Randy Slaughter. Have you ever heard of Frank Slaughter, the doctor and novelist from here? Randy's his son. Oh who cares anyway? :)

Have a great day!

Joanie said...

It's freezing butt cold here today, with some 50 mile per hour winds! :-)

Laura~peach~ said...

windows are open supposed to get to 78 today... need to be cleaning house and going through halos stuff so it can go to florida with her... cant seem to get motivated hope i have many more blogs to catch up on... dr appt was encouraging also went to original dr who had not heard nothing in 3 months from the specialests she was amazed spent over an hour just talking to her. my bradley has some marked changes ... am wondering if he may be a touch autistic...loving little turd no matter what ... never wanted tobe in a helicopter... having some strange pains drs thing side effects of meds... you know where my motivation is hiding??? me neither... well love ya have a wonderful day.

Debbie said...

I rode in a helicopter when visiting my hubby in Iceland for a month. A big one and flew over all the volcanoes and stuff and it was fun. I didn't like I had to take my newly acquired wedding ring off.

It's warm here today. 73 degrees. We had thunderstorms last night. Just plain weird. No complaints.

I'm finally getting to all that attic stuff. Was able to go through some of Mom's things with not quite so much sadness.

I hope you get a BIG hug from Augie. Tell him I said so.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Nothing better than laughing out loud, especially with good friends.

Country Girl said...

I love a good laugh out loud moment. I need one soon.

Unknown said...

I've rode in a helicopter!! Once was enough!
Nothing better than hearty laughs!

Anonymous said...

I had my a/c on in my car too! And yesterday 2/23 was great too! Now in CT we have school delays and depending on where you live lots of snow or a little snow! CRAZY!!

Sassy said...

It is warm here.....too warm for my your this and that's!!!! And.....if that is all we have till Christmas that means only 296 days till the Brodes comes home!!!!!!!!WOO HOO!!! I have never ridden in a helicopter but the boyfriend was air evaced from our home scary!