Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hump Day Haiku

a new obsession
springs forth from a random app 
happy leap day peeps


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Happy Leap Day to YOU!
And thanks for the tip on the app. I want to learn to do haikus but I don't get them yet. I will have to google and learn :)

Great Haiku!

abb said...

7 little words
I know of this obsession
I have it as well

Sally said...

I don't really know what Haiku means! Are you surprised? Heck no!! I'm gonna google.

My dad's mom was born on the 29th; the only person I know!!

But, I think I'll go out and about to see if I can find a sugar daddy. It's the right day, right?


Joanie said...

Ok, no I have to go download that app!

Thinking about you....

LL Cool Joe said...

I think you are they trendiest mama I know. ;)

Daryl said...

Go take a flying ... leap day! Run over to Star$$ they are giving away a free photo editing app, to download from iTunes .. a NIK editing app normally $4.99 but if you get the Star$$ card its FREE!

Country Girl said...

I love your haiku's.

Hilary said...

Oh THAT. I played the first free set and then uninstalled it. I was .. distracted. ;)