Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This 'n That Thursday

Pure nonsense:
  • I think I figured out why Anne Heche always plays a crazy person.  Just like Charlie Sheen.
  • Rescue mixes should be allowed to compete at dog shows.  They are the very best.
  • I lost my deodorant this week.  In my bathroom.  Gone.
  • I go to my pre-radiation appointment tomorrow.
  • I have actually enjoyed our non-winter this year.
  • And I have probably just put the whammy on us.
  • Yes.  Lost my deodorant.  How??
  • I will never again sit around and google radiation side effects.
  • WTH is up with Blogger and the new word verifications?  Are they trying to make me go blind?
  • I need to start doing needlepoint again to occupy myself in the evening.
  • I may need to go visit the eye doctor.
  • My mother died 10 years ago this week.
  • I'm all about anniversaries these days.  Good and bad.
  • I think my cancer surgery was 21 years to the day that I found out I was having twins.
  • This deodorant business is bugging me.
  • I think I could smell spring this afternoon.  That earthy smell?  Twas  heaven.
  • Life is good.


joanne said...

that springtime you smell, is it in your bathroom? might just be the missing deodorant...just sayin'

Best wishes at the appt.

Daryl said...

joanne beat me to it ..

i had, i thought, wv turned off ...kate said it took her 3 tries to get past it on my blog .. i am totally flummoxed .. i am not really flummoxed but i do like saying it .. flummoxed ... go ahead you know you want to say it ..

Nurse Nancy said...

Always sending good thoughts your way. Don't forget to send me a catalogue or password so I can shop!

I Am Woody said...

Did Dora take it?

Sally said...

I think you're right about the two crazies. :)

No more googling. 'kay?


KCSherri said...

I can't help you with the deodorant thing - that's kinda' a funny way, of course!

However...I did want to to tell you that my sister was diagnosed with rectal cancer last May - and has been going through radiation and chemotherapy for the last several months.

She just started a blog, where she's written a few can check it out here: She is VERY open to questions, concerns, etc from people who are just beginning their journey with the Big C.

Cancer sucks - but you're strong and you have a great sense of humor...two of the best things to have in your arsenal! :)

Trisha said...

I, too, have been known to lose things in my own bathroom. Never deodorant though. I usually lose toothpaste in the BIG tube.

Yesterday, it was 72 here so the windows were open and I could smell Spring too. This morning I saw blooming daffodils while I walked. So nice!

I have been thining of you and praying for you as you start the whole radiation journey!

Kathleen... said...

You know, I'm glad to learn that I'm not the only one who [regularly, in my instance] misplaces a much-used item in my own bathroom. I'm constantly huffing out, "Really??"'s.

The new word verification stuff is a double dose of pain-in-the-*ss all of a sudden. I'll never understand why "verifying" has to involved squinting and an RCA dog effort....

I'm gardening today. It's a bit chilly & grey, but I'm in the mood to yank & trim!

Debbie said...

If you can't see word verification...needlepoint may be out.

I just found my debit card in my jacket pocket by accident. Had I not, I would not have remembered where it was.

Your appt will go just fine :)

I stay flummoxed. Did you look in the fridge for the deodorant?

We all love you, ya know.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Check the dirty laundry for your missing deodorant. That's where I find everything. Even found a small family living in there once.

Sassy said...

I LOVE your this and thats!!!!! I love the smell of spring.....our blossoms are starting to pop open on our citrus trees......I think it is truly of smell from Heaven...that and rain and new babies and bread baking in the oven........GOOD LUCK my friend at the appt. Thinking of you always!!!♥ And YES hat the new verifications......I am blind or stupid but am having a hard time.....

Country Girl said...

Stop reading about the side effects. Immediately.
xoxo for your mother ~

Country Girl said...

Oh, hahahaha - just read Joanne's comment. Funny!

Snooty Primadona said...

I have NOT enjoyed this winter we're not supposed to even have!

I must be OCD. I have backup deodorants. How crazy is that?

If you're going to take up needlepoint again, you'd best get thyself to the ophthalmologist. I have an appointment in 2 weeks & I waited FAR too long. I can barely see at this point.

Smelling spring in the air is common around here. Bulbs begin to bloom, trees begin to bud, then we get another devastating cold snap (usually with NO warning). Weather is psycho!

Sometimes Google is NOT a good thing. I have to pick my choices carefully...

abb said...

I smelled Spring as well! And I'm buyin' you a deodorant tomorrow. Just sayin'!

imbeingheldhostage said...

That earthy smell may not be Spring if your deodorant is missing ;) No more googling-it never helps!! xx

Unknown said...

With you on that blogger verification thing ... driving me crazy! WTH!

Joanie said...

Wow, at least you FOUND your deodorant! Ha! I can so relate!

Joanie said...

Wow, at least you FOUND your deodorant! Ha! I can so relate!