Thursday, February 24, 2011

This-n-That Thursday

Things that made me smile this morning:
  • My wonderful dog.
  • Colgate toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  • Realizing that in 5 sleeps, it will be March!
  • Morning Joe on MSNBC.
  • My parrot saying "Hi Mommy."
  • Coffee with almond milk.
  • Realizing that in 5 sleeps, February will be over!
  • Spying a flock of robins.
  • The fact that I woke up to another day!
And all before 7:30. How about you? What made you smile this morning?


Ellen said...

Good morning.

Watching Nurse Nancy's son playing in my family room made me smile.

Sally said...

Waking up, and having Hunter stand by me at the computer reading blogs. :)

Daryl said...

Waking up to sunshine and having Toonman home

Tammy said...

Waking up to snow! I know, I'm weird!

Trisha said...

My smile list this morning:
-the sound of rain tapping on my umbrella
-having a dog friend (and her owner) stop so I could pet her before continuing their walk
-iTunes DJ which shuffles my songs so well
-the color pink
-Hubby's hug instead of a kiss which might transfer germs my way
-Oreo Cakesters

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning!

The 13 turkeys in our front yard right this moment.

The thought about the drive to Crane's Country store this morning where I will eat, once again, the best cheeseburgah in all my 59 years!

The forecasted 4in. of snow and sleet moved further North and we will just be seeing rain.

This-n-That Thursday :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm not sure I smiled at all today before coming here and reading about your parrot. Thank you for that!

p.s. Is the parrot on Facebook? Gustav wants to know.

judi said...

It snowed and I don't have to go anywhere.
not having to pay the gas bill for the hot lengthy shower I took.

Diane said...

The Brute Squad dealing with four inches of snow on the patio. :-)

These Nine Acres said...

Reading your post...although it is now 2:20 so it made me smile this afternoon...but who is counting?

Country Girl said...

My husband in his long underwear and the clothespin he uses to keep them up.

Paxie said...

David was in Charlotte and I didn't have to tiptoe.

Knowing he'd be home later in the day.

Also counting the days until March.

yogurt said...

My dentist saying, "Your teeth look great! Keep up the good work." (And I hardly ever floss!)