Thursday, February 19, 2009

This-n-That Thursday

Very random nonsense this week.
  • When does "Parental Control" become an oxymoron?
  • Is there ever too much vanilla extract?
  • How do you cure shin splints?
  • I just watched "The Bachelor" for the first time ever on Monday.  I want Melissa to win.
  • I think that lady was having sex with her chimp.  Oh yes I do.
  • Whoever told me about that POTUS channel on XM, thanks!  I love it.
  • Suze Orman is starting to bug me.
  • I think I heard springtime birds yesterday.
  • What is going to happen to those 6 million foreclosed houses?
  • And will I ever be able to sell my house when there are 6 million "deals" out there?
  • Why did I sign up for that half marathon?


winetipper said...

Cardinals already have a nest in my cedar. Geese are flying north over the river. I believe in spring, I believe, I believe...

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Anonymous said...

I love POTUS! I wonder if it was my lose lips that mentioned them!

I heard birds chirping two days ago. It stopped me in my tracks. I had not heard the sound in months!

Vanilla... yum!

Living on the Spit said...

LMAO...Hard Working Man said the same thing about the chimp in CT.

Wine and rest cures shin splints...well, that is my perscription anyway.

I hope you have a cheery day, you seem burdened.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You DID hear birds yesterday! Spring is right around the corner.

NO cure for shin splints other than ice, wrapping them and aspirin and avoiding running on hard surfaces. I"ve had them since high school.

Did you say Suze Orman was having marathon sex with a chimp?

kim-d said...

I want Melissa, too...badly! Yes, I am the loser who watches ALL the Bachelors and Bachelorettes. If Jason goes back with that Dyonne person who rejected him, I will hunt him down and give him a stern talking-to!

I hate to say it, but I also think that woman may have been having herself some hot monkey lovin'. That is so sick; the whole thing is just sick.

What is POTUS? I vaguely remember what POTUS stood for in some TV show or another, but I'm sure you're not listening to "All Obama, All The Time"? Or maybe you are?

And I'm still waiting to hear about your excursion with Bird last week. Were shoes procured?

I'm sorry about the half-marathon thingy--yet oddly proud of you at the same time. :) Certainly hoping you get those shin splints taken care of beforehand. BWAHAHAHA!

I love your Thursday This-N-That's, but I really want to know about the POTUS and the shopping trip, too. :)

Starwoodgal said...

1. When does "Parental Control" become an oxymoron?

When the children obviously control the parents.

2. Is there ever too much vanilla extract?

I feel the same way about chocolate. (and coffee)(and wine)

3. How do you cure shin splints?

Stop running! (I had the same issue).

4. I just watched "The Bachelor" for the first time ever on Monday. I want Melissa to win.

I know who wins. But, there's a big twist this year. Two "final rose" episodes.

5. I think that lady was having sex with her chimp. Oh yes I do.

I could have done without that mental image.

6. Whoever told me about that POTUS channel on XM, thanks! I love it.

What's POTUS?

7. Suze Orman is starting to bug me.


8. I think I heard springtime birds yesterday.

I have robins in my yard! I'm so excited.

9. What is going to happen to those 6 million foreclosed houses?

Good question. More importantly, where are all those people going to live?

10. And will I ever be able to sell my house when there are 6 million "deals" out there?

Yep! I'm thinking the same thing.

11. Why did I sign up for that half marathon?

How much wine did you have prior to that? :)

Caution Flag said...

The singing of birds awoke my youngest yesterday. He was frightened because he didn't recognize the noise. That struck me as so sad.

And what WERE you thinking to sign up for a half-marathon? Huh?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Sex with a chimp?? OMG
(unless you are a chimp)

Trisha said...

Okay - I have XM - what is POTUS?

TSannie said...

Happy Thursday to you too!

Winetipper! Cardinal nest photo please!

Snooty Primadona said...

Someone is thinking entirely too much today... don't hurt yourself. Heh heh

I just threw up in my mouth over the chimp comment...

Anonymous said...

Woot to your Half Marathon! As for your shin splints...what kind of shoes are you wearing? I had to upgrade mine after about a month of running 'cause they gave me shin splints. Good luck!


Daryl said...

You watched reality TV?

Keetha said...

Definitely no such thing as too much vanilla extract.

I was all about POTUS this fall during election season.

Lisa said...

I love watching the bachelor and have hoped from the beginning that Melissa would win.....but I do really like Molly too. You have to watch in two weeks when he picks. There is so much to that show. You see, he got left behind in the last season when he was one of the final two. Now "she" shows back up and says she made a mistake for picking the other guy. He runs out to the balcony and is in tears. Poor poor guy. I love this show, you talk about drama, and I certainly don't have enough of that in my life!
Why will there be 6 million foreclosed houses? The president is going to help them from losing their homes...if they didn't buy a house they knew they couldn't afford????? hummmmmmm

Deb said...

What is it about Suze Ormon? Perhaps the spelling of Suze?
Shin splints have to rest.
The Bachelor rumors on the blogs is awesome! Melissa wins but gets dumped! Just a rumor!
Marathon? I am impressed. You go, Girl!

big hair envy said...

I can't get past the whole chimp thing.

Hilary said...

Ummmm what lady?

Sassy said...

I so love your this and thats....I know it is sick but I thought the same thing when I saw a pic of the women and the chimp sitting by each other...Yes and Suze is buggin' me too...and I am a sicko who watches bachelor...but there is suppose to be a twist...and YES I THINK IT'S SICK HIM DOING ALL THIS SMOOCHING AROUND WITH EVERYONE but I still sit there like a stupid and watch every far as vanilla...never enough!

jojo said...

Yeah, I'm wondering what will happen when I want to or need to sell my house. I guess we're here forever. Shouldn't the people who struggle to make their house payments on time get some kind of "reward?"...

monkey sex...gak!


Carmi said...

Thursdays always seem to be the kind of days that merit this kind of thinking. I could definitely get used to your perspective on the world.

Sandie said...

Ok, your chimp comment cracked me up. That's soooo wrong... mind, it reels...

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think you were Jack Handy.

A-men to all of that.

1/2 marathon? I bow down.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I have answers for none but questions on some: chimp? huh? Did I miss breaking news?
Suze.. yeah me too-- I bought her first book (wasn't it like 900 pages or something?) that I never read and never reference but can't seem to get rid of. The irony is that it's about how to control your finances and I spent a small fortune on a book I could use as a door stop.

What's a Potus?

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

YES! You must be reading my mind...

I too want Melissa to win.

I saw Suze Orman on GMA...she is bugging me BIG time!

I have XM radio - what is POTUS?

Our home has been on the market two years this May. We had one lowball, ridiculously rude offer.

Defintely - that lady was dancing the horizontal hula with her chimp.

Debbie said...

We are in agreement on the chimp/woman. One sick relationship.

Parental Control? You are just on the verge of MORON...

You're not going to sell your house. The ducks will have no where to go and the baby birds will have no where to come home to!

Anonymous said...

spring IS lillies are starting to peak through the ground!

who is this chimp woman??

Country Girl said...

I don't wanna even think about the chimp thing! Did you see how huge that guy was?
Suze Orman has always gotten on my nerves.
And you can do the marathon. I have faith in you!!

numberonesistah said... innocent mind had not gone there with the chimp. Not sure I'm gonna be able to sleep now....

Ellen said...

Chimp, birds. blah, blah, blah...

Now to the all important shin splints - one cause is a a lack of potassium - eat bananas (and attract that chimp!), get some potassium supplements. Most importantly, rest, rest, rest, along with an anti-inflammatory and ice packs. They can be very serious if you don't take care of them - the can cause even more serious problems. We will now return to our regularly scheduled comment.

Anyway, spring is just around the corner, so rest now before the weather gets really nice,

Tonjia said...

I love POTUS and I think you are right about the woman and her chimp!