Thursday, March 18, 2010

This-n-That Thursday

Utterly random drivel:
  • I will never try a raw oyster.
  • Miley Cyrus annoys the tar out of me.
  • I really cannot wait for the official start of Spring.
  • The puppies are going to their new homes this week.
  • I love bagpipe music.
  • I am going to Spain in June to see Miss Hower!
  • Is there anything better than that first sip of coffee in the morning?
  • I took bagpipe lessons for a while. My children begged me to stop.
  • My new obsession post-puppies will be the owls' nest.
  • I clearly need to get a life. And a job.
  • What should I have for dinner?
  • I don't fold fitted sheets right.
  • The way my mind wanders is a little scary to me.
  • I love grapefruit.
  • I am going to miss those darn puppies.
What is on your mind today?


Daryl said...

I worry about you.

You take the two ends 'corners' and fold them into eachother .. now the sheet is in half the long way .. you take the bottom corners and bring them up into the top folded corners .. now you have a narrow sheet which is half as long and wide as it was .. now fold it in half, and in half again .. put on shelf in linen closet.

Daryl said...

Treasia Stepp said...

Oh the puppies are adorable! We have a new one which is supposed to be Trucker's but it's left home with me everyday for now. It's a choc. lab and he's so cute. But a puppy pain in the butt. LOL.

Nurse Nancy said...

I am sorry the pupiies are gone...focus on your exciting move!

Caution/Lisa said...

I love Spain. LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it.

Are fitted sheets supposed to be folded? And, Daryl, what linen closet are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Wow...that was a wonderful list of festive variety!!

FYI...I'm totally obsessed with the Owl Nest. I keep the window open all day...watching and waiting. Owls are such beautiful creatures. Although, the owl's snarfage of the dead rodent yesterday...hmmf...not so beautiful. That was something I could have done without.


winetipper said...

Well, as long as Miley Cyrus is associated with Disney, I want her to keep soaring (shareholder!)

Trisha said...

Folding fitted sheets . . . I know how to do it but somehow I can't make the darn things fold "just right!"

Spain sounds fabulous! I am so jealous of you. And happy for you.

kim-d said...

Thanks to you, I am going to miss the puppies, too...and I still don't think it's right that they go to their new homes while they're still puppy-piling to sleep. They're going to miss each other too much! Or maybe it really is all about how I'm going to miss them too much! Sigh. I just can't get into owls as much as puppies. I need to find new puppies...

I can't fold fitted sheets, either...I've read Daryl's instructions, but I still make a mess out of the folded corners meeting up with the non-folded corners.

For dinner, I think you should have pasta with shrimp, asparagus and roasted red peppers with a garlic-lemon sauce. And a little salad. And wine.

Spain...ohhhh, nice!

Country Girl said...

There's a correct way to fold fitted sheets? Leave it to Suzy Homemaker the Darylized version to find a freaking video on it!!

and I love grapefruit, too. just puttin' that out there.

Keetha said...

For some reason, what I'm cooking for dinner Sunday night. Tonight - dinner with my parents, tomorrow - cooking out on the grill, Saturday night - pizza. But Sunday? Not sure yet and also not sure why I'm already thinking about it.

Mostly I'm thinking about how I can't wait to dive into the new book I got yesterday - The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen.

I Am Woody said...

Didn't realize you could fold fitted sheets. I just sorta wad them up=)

LL Cool Joe said...

I've cleaned half the car and given up. It looks worse than it did before I started.

Whether my partner will have a safe flight to the States today.

Actually the This-n-That Thursday is an excellent idea.

..back to the car...

big hair envy said...

I don't really have to worry about folding fitted sheets. We only have one set....:/

The Festival of Choirs starts today. I'm working the concession stand for the next three days. It's supposed to be 76 degrees here Saturday. I will be working the concession stand. Is there no justice?

Diane said...

Dora needs a sister!
I'm not tired today!
Is it July yet?

Joanie said...

Mind? What mind? Not much on mine! I enjoyed your post a lot, though! ;-)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

How do you do it? How do you think of all these "This-m-That" things? I love bagpipe music too. I once saw a photo of scottish men sittin with the queen with their, well, you know, hanging out. I wonder if it was doctored. And, hey, I need to get a life too. Is there an online class for that?

Judy Haley (CoffeeJitters.Net) said...

* I'm allergic to shellfish so it's a pretty safe bet I'll never try a raw oyster either
* Miley Cyrus annoys me too
* my husband plays bagpipes
* I have always wanted to go to Spain
* My husband started learning to play bagpipes 2 weeks after our wedding.
* I don't fold fitted sheets, I wad them
* Happy Thursday

Delora said...

Miss Ives will have mucho disfrute (fun) in Spain with Miss Hower!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Note to self: rent bagpipes for Blog Fest.

Mama - Bring your red cowboy boots, this is gonna be good.

I ball the fitted sheet up and stuff them where they will fit. They make me mad.

Nancy said...

I'm so sad I couldn't get the puppies video to work. But I am grateful to visiting my own little grandson who is a bit of a puppy. :-)

Tammy said...

Does any one fold fitted sheets right? I wish I was going to Spain! That first sip of coffee is the best.

Memaw's memories said...

I tuck all my corners into one, That gets you started. Then I fold from there. They never fold as neatly as flats, but it gets them in the drawer. And they aren't all wrinkled when I get them out.

I have no desire to learn bagpipes, but I like them too. I watched Celtic Women last night and the pipes were beautiful. But the gal with the violin stole the show as far as I'm concerned. I guess that's my random thoughts for today.

Unknown said...

Funny....I don't worry about you at all....I think pretty much just like you.....only, I wish I had tried to play the them....and kilts....smiles.

Deb said...

Now we know why you are taking Spanish!
Sadly, Miley Cyrus will be the next Brittany Spears when she turns 23.
I love my coffee with my Italian Cream when I'm not drinking tea.
We had left overs for dinner.
Cleaning out the fridge before you go out of town is the worst.
I sleep so much better with a little help from my friend.

Unknown said...

I love your versatility!! Bagpipes? Spain in June? New puppies?

I'll be in Walmart in June. Does that count?

Suz Broughton said...

Don't tell anyone, but I hate Miley Cyrus. Pretty sure you have to leave the country if anyone finds out.

Sassy said...

I would miss the puppies too....and I love grapefruit too...broiled with brown sugar on it.....I hate folding fitted sheets...I usually end up bundling and stuffing them in the linen closet....they are not my friend...

Debbie said...

Mind wandering is an Aquarian thing I think. Mine is speed wandering ALL THE TIME. Like the hampster in the little rolling cage. I hate it unless it's a creative thing.

I think your mind is normal! Ha!Ha!

I don't fold them right either.