Thursday, March 4, 2010

This-n-That Thursday

Random and pithy little thoughts wandering through my head this week...
  • I really, really like fried chicken.
  • My dog doesn't have any idea that she is a dog.
  • I wonder if I would like living in Savannah.
  • I make banana bread with whole wheat flour and it is better than with white flour.
  • I sometimes kiss my parrot on the beak.
  • People who talk on their phones while pulling out of their driveways annoy the crap out of me.
  • Naomi Campbell needs help.
  • I wonder if I would like living in Charleston.
  • Am I the only person who is not all bent out of shape about the kid in the air traffic controllers' tower?
  • I don't think I've ever glowed. I just sweat.
  • Paula Deen's Red Velvet cake is actually better than my mother's recipe.
  • Augie is in Montreal with his buddies for a few days. I wonder what they are doing.
  • The older I get, the less stuff I want.
  • I would rather have aches and pains than itch.
  • I am very itchy.
  • I sure hope Augie is behaving.
Now tell me your random little thoughts.


abb said...

There's more chicken left in the fridge. Just go get some!

My guess is Augie isn't entirely behaving - but he's a good boy, he'll know just how much to misbehave.

Tammy said...

I thought the boy in the flight tower was cute... And a budding controller.

Flea said...

Really? Paula Deen's red velvet is that good? Dang it. I just discovered that my ADD won't let me do red velvet. Maybe once. You know, to test and see ...

Diane said...

I can see both sides of the child controller thing.

I want to go to work in my jammies.

I pretend to be patient with people that make me crazy.

There are like 3 new speed traps on the way to work.

Cassie's one shaved leg looks so weird.

I should really attend to my legs... someday.

Maria said...

I'd love to live in Charleston but never been to Savannah - been told I'd love it more. Frustrated when people are on the phone and going 10 miles under the speed limit oblivious to the traffic around them. I roll my eyes at the air traffic controller hoopla - give me a break. Blown way out of proportion, sounds like they made people who have very stressful jobs smile a bit. Have a talk about possible risk from the distraction and then move on, firing him, blasting it all over the news, ridiculous.

I Am Woody said...

I really really like chocolate milk:)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm frying up a batch of chicken tomorrow and cannot wait. The kid in the control tower didn't bug me so much either.

You'd do find in Charleston - never been to Savannah so I can't comment on that. But Charleston is a very charming place, very genteel.

Augie is fine, but that reminds me that I have to get a passport photo for my son who is also going to Canada in May with his 8th grade class. I don't even have a passport, dammit.

Caution/Lisa said...

If I had an enhanced driver's license, I could cross into Canada and tell you what Augie is doing.

I love butter and salt. Together.

I'm pretty sure I could live happily in Santa Fe.

Snooty Primadona said...

I hope Augie isn't behaving. You're only young once, right? And if you manage to stay out of jail, once is enough. If my offspring managed to stay out of jail, then yours will without doubt, avoid it.

I think you, of all people, would rock Savannah. I've wanted to live there ever since I saw Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil. Weird, quirky people = happy me. I'm sick of all the Stepford Wives here. What I'd give to see one of them break a nail or throw a fit or something.

I'm still mourning over the loss of my credit card...

Ann Marie said...

If Augie is behaving I will have to revoke his "word" privileges.. I mean don't do anything horrible.. but misbehave enough just to make it fun.

Fried chicken is another of my specialties.. would have to add that to the menu at the restaurant.

Kid at the tower didnt' bother me at all.. thought it was quite cute. the old fuddy duddies need to lighten up.

I talk on the cell phone all the time, I am going for a brain tumor instead of lung cancer, talking on the phone keeps me from smoking.

I need a do over day.. badly. I am calling mulligan and going back to bed in hopes that this day never repeats itself.

Keetha said...

Please move to Charleston so I can come visit you! Say yes!

Just *think* of all the great fried chicken there.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

YES to Savannah or Charleston... (BOTH ARE CLOSE TO ME)
I will fry you some chicken :)
dora is a dog???
i am sure augie is behaving... and i hear MJ changed her phone number ... but i think she told you...she is not exactly misbehaving or perhaps i simply refuse to see what shes doing because that is one train wreck i am trying to look away from??? sigh i dunno.

did i mention... YES YOU WOULD LOVE Savannah or Charleston
I am not bent out of shape at the kid ...
the older i get the less STUFF i want too :)
My vacuum smells like burning rubber and i have yet to figure out why... I am procrastinating.. but MUST do it today... and HEY why not come visit savannah I will be so glad to meet you there... YEAH thats the ticket... come see how good you woudl love it :) and bring Anne too ... and daryl and kate ... please. I WILL FRY CHICKEN!

Nurse Nancy said...

Not sure about the boy in the tower but no one was hurt and I am tired of hearing about it. Now I want fried chicken!

Daryl said...

The kid(s) in the tower didnt bother me but it doesnt make it right.

Whole Wheat flour has always been better tasting then white ... and healthier.

I hope Augie is misbehaving just enough ...

I get the pain vs itch .. its sort of like my sneeze vs cough ...

Linda said...

I really like your post this week.

I wonder what it would be like to live in Omaha...close to the grandkids.

I don't have any pets, so I don't kiss any...just the hubby!

I don't like people talking on cell phones, and driving either.

The kid in the airport didn't bother me either, but if something had happened, we would all be outraged. Common Sense, people!

I want to get rid of stuff, but never do it.

My feet hurt...the soles...they itch, and ache, and throb.

My hubby is putting in my new garage doors. Yea!

Sassy said...

I ♥ YOU! And....our dog thinks he is a people....never has been a dog I don't think....and for being so gosh dang big.....he is the biggest panty waist sissy.....always love your lists and I am sorry you itch like you have cooties...that has to be miserable....

Anonymous said...

Love your random comments. My random thoughts? I can't decide which is best...playing with my photos in photoshop or eating Girl Scout cookies. A Jammie day in the middle of the week is good for the soul. My contacts drive me nuts these days. Why, oh, why do I need reading glasses? Hate them. I love expensive pens. Silver is better than gold.

Okay, that's it.

Deb said...

I don't know what it is about fried chicken but, OMG, if I had my choice of what I would want for my last would be friend chicken hands down. Since I don't fry chicken, we will have to leave it up to Laura Peach!

Don't think about the young one out of the country. You'll be better overall.

Savannah is heaven to me. There, I said it. I particularly love the many, many historical neighborhood parks that are abound. Plus, I really think I lived a past life there. The shopping. The Pubs. Paula Dean. Paul Dean's Red Velvet cake? The mossy trees, oh Mama!

Did I go overboard on the whole Savannah thing? Sorry.

I totally do not want to blog these days.

Karen Deborah said...

I love this post. There is just one problem with it. You did not wonder about living in Mississippi and being my near neighbor--no you did not! Guess what? MS is one of the best kept secrets going--it's gorgeous and cheap! Now for the itching, ditto, take benadryl and go to sleep if one doesn't do it take 2! But not more than 2, ther is no telling when you might wake up.
Anything Paula Deen makes is delicious because it's full of butter. Life is better with butter!

Egghead said...

Well I just spilled about half of my water down the front of my shirt while reading this. Does this qualify as old or just random? Me thinks randamn!

Unknown said...

I hate itching too. I also like fried chicken. I don't have a bird to kiss. The only dog I have is "borrowed". Augie is having a blast.

Suz Broughton said...

I love This-n-That Thursday. Makes me want you to come an visit even more.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

It was almost as fun reading all the comments as your post. You are much loved. Everyone wants you to move close to them and make fried chicken for you. What a lucky woman you are.

My randomness: Just when I get my blod all thick so I can stand winter, summer comes and I bake until the blood gets thin again, then winter comes and I freeze. (I know the blood doesn't thicken and thin but how do you explain it then?)

Camellia said...

my thoughts in relation to your thoughts...I would kiss your parrot on the beak, Paula Dean uses lots of butter, who can beat that?, what's the world coming to when a kid can't sit on his daddy's knee and tell the plane to take off?, my daddy said the trouble that's the biggest gets the in ache or itch, what's a dog?, I like the fried flour on the fried chicken the best,but it's still banana bread, less stuff, less stuff, more fun, yes.

Camellia said...

my thoughts in relation to your thoughts...I would kiss your parrot on the beak, Paula Dean uses lots of butter, who can beat that?, what's the world coming to when a kid can't sit on his daddy's knee and tell the plane to take off?, my daddy said the trouble that's the biggest gets the in ache or itch, what's a dog?, I like the fried flour on the fried chicken the best,but it's still banana bread, less stuff, less stuff, more fun, yes.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I like fried fish from Ann Maries. My dogs are mad at me.
Hilton Head Island in SC is nice.
Why are you worried about Augie? You are his mother remember?
I have been unloading stuff for a few years now.

Anonymous said...

Savannah and Charleston are great places to visit but living there unless you are a true Charlestonian or Savannahite could be a problem.
Family lines and old money do not accept outsiders. Get a place outside the cities and you will be fine.

Augie is behaving, don't worry you did good!