Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday in Virginia

Having survived the Firemen's Parade from yesterday, here is our day, today. I am particularly interested in the wine tasting and the Janitors' Top 40. And, I have my camera....

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Throughout the Day:
8:00 a.m.

Festival in full swing: - Arts & crafts, street sales, entertainment for adults & children, children’s rides, clowns, games/activities. Food of all kinds, including the succulent bi-valve, The Oyster

The Reapers (Classic Hits of the Fifties & Sixties) - Waterfront
10:00 AM
-2:00 PM
3:00 PM
-5:00 PM

Robert Keyes
(Multi-facit Solo Fingerstyle Guitarist)
Wine Tasting

9:00 AM
-10:00 AM
11:00 PM
-12:00 PM
1:00 PM
-2:00 PM

Keith Anderson
(Soprano Saxophonist)
Old Tobacco Warehouse

9:00 AM
-10:00 AM
11:00 PM
-12:00 PM
1:00 PM
-2:00 PM
Nate Sparks and the Pamunkey River Ramblers (Country/Americana)
9:00 AM
-1:00 PM
Oyster Shucking Contest on Firehouse Stage presented by Revere Gas & Appliance.
11:00 AM
-12:30 PM
52nd Urbanna Oyster Festival Parade begins on West side of Town Sponsored by The Virginia Lottery.
2:00 PM
-3:30 PM

The Janitor’s (Top 40) - Fireman’s Field

1:00 PM
-5:00 PM


Snooty Primadona said...

Armed and loaded... Watch out!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Survial at its best! I'll see you at the wine tasting booth!

Daryl said...

Watch out for Wonky Hags!

And I am waiting to see the Firemen .. are they hotter than the ones we saw on The High Line?????????

Wine tasting . oh .. I can pretend I am there and open a bottle here .. if course it wont be as funny without the oyster hats and wonky teeth

Country Girl said...

You're killing me here.

Here's my plan for the day:
9 am: Continue to put off cleaning the house.
10 am: Cleaning should be in full swing.
2 pm: Hopefully it will all be over.
3 pm: Begin reading new book and maybe have a glass of wine.
4 pm: Wishing I was at the Oyster Fest with my friends.

Take lots of pics, k?

Deb said...

Your day sounds so much better than mine! Although, I will spend my day crafting so that can't be all that bad.
How's The Bird? Did you get any good photos of mother and daughter??
Can't wait!

Shelley Jaffe said...

Anonymous sure thinks you're going to have a grand ol' time!! Beware of those Top 40 Janitors - one might sweep you off your feet...

abb said...

You better taste an oyster! Just sayin'.

shrink on the couch said...

I do think Robert Keyes will enjoy a big crowd!

foolery said...

I raked chicken poo today.

Of course that's not ALL I did -- just the highlight. Can't wait to hear about whatever went on behind the firehouse. Probably not so much chicken poo back there.


Decadent Housewife said...

Where's the beef?

Unknown said...

So fun : ) I hope you have a great time!

noble pig said...

Well I can't wait to hear how it went.

Unknown said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures....I need visuals.

big hair envy said...

What happens at Oyster Festival STAYS at Oyster Festival. UmK? Bwahahahaha!!! Yeah, right! I miss you already:(

GO Cowboys!!

Diane said...

I'm so jealous...

Keetha said...

I think I'd be parked at the wine testing booth, maybe taking a break now and then to check out the firefighters.