Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This-n-That Thursday

  • My husband Squazz and I have decided on a $100 limit for our gifts to each other this Christmas.  I have to be very creative.  Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.
  • On the other hand, I don't know what the cherubic children want.   They are so busy with college apps, they may not realize what is going on. I can only hope.
  • By the way, I am so proud of them I could just explode all over the place.
  • I am 48, and I like to eat baby food.  Like Gerber stuff.  The strained prunes are really good.  Seriously.
  • I still don't know what happened to my shoes from Saturday night.
  • My spray-on tan makes my hands and feet look like they haven't seen soap and water for a month.  It's embarrassing.  But for a few hours last weekend, I actually had some color.
  • I am mailing my Pay it Forward gifts today.  If you see this in your travels, you should play.  It is fun!
  • Has anybody ever taken Cod Liver Oil?  I am reading stuff about it that makes me thinks it's a panacea. 
  • I am already tired of the Christmas stuff in the stores.
  • I think I have officially turned into the crazy old lady with all the pets.
  • And I am completely obsessed with this Puppy Cam.  Don't get hooked on it like I am.  You'll be sorry.  UPDATE: Sometimes there is a slideshow there, but check back, and you'll see them.  Cuteness overload.


Deb said... hubby and I have set a zero budget on each other. Got any ideas?
As for your fondness for Gerber foods...I got nothing but rather, Wow! you shared that with us all!
I hate fake tans for the reasons you mentioned.
Why not dabble with the Gods of healing? My grandmother always said to take cod liver oil. Of course, she made her own cough medicine out of whisky and honey. Needless to say, all of her grandchildren coughed a lot when we spent the night.
Tell me about it! Two Sunday's ago, I am in a clothing store and they had Christmas carols blaring!
I don't dare check out the puppies...because I know I will be sorry!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am having rick green do a caracature of my hubby... had him do the kids last year and they LOVED them... if you decide to its so worth it... Rick Green @

the kids drawings are in my side bar of you want to see what he did for them...
I am so thrilled to see pay it forward hitting all around... It is just way too cool!

brneyedgal967 said...

No idea on what you could get Squazz - does he like to read? What about a cool Harley shirt?

Baby food? Really? Does it go well with wine?

Spray on tan? I thought that was your tan from Miami. Fooled me!

Pay It Forward - Yay!

OMG, cod liver oil - really? Blech.

Haven't even been in the stores, I'll probably do my shopping online. I think I'm agoraphobic, I hate crowded stores. Loathe them.

I want one of those puppies.

Suz @ Alive in Wonderland said...

My theory? You're not "Crazy pet lady" unless your (my) house smells. And Febreze takes care of all that, so you're fine.

Bear Naked said...

I saw my first Christnas commercial on TV on October 30th!!
And heard the first Christmas Carol on a speaker in the physiotherapist's parking lot on November 1st.
I am so not ready for all of this.
By December 1st I will be the one who is on the local news---going stark raving mad.

Bear((( )))

Snooty Primadona said...

1. Good Grief! I'm not sure I could find anything for Mr. Snooty under $100.00 but I got him a great jogging suit from Travel Smith that he's crazy about. I believe it was around $150.00 and he looks ever so good in it.

2.When we ask the kids what they want... son is totally undecided & daughter has a list of thousands. Go Figure.

3. You have much to be proud of, so get your pride going girlfriend. This is your year to do so!

4. Okay, I must admit I still just adore Gerber's pureed bananas, although I don't EVER get the chance to taste them anymore as it's been the kids are grown & don't care to be spoon-fed, lol. Mr. Snooty uses the Gerber Spinach when he makes Oysters Rockefeller & they are truly to die for.

5. Just another reason for buying a new pair of shoes. And really, who needs an excuse anyway?

6. Here's my big tip of the day: After I apply the self-tan over every body part (excluding the hands/wrists & feet/ankles). I then apply some of the self tan lotion to a cotton ball, which I use to lightly coat the aforementioned body parts. It works unles you sweat profusely.

7. Cod Liver Oil has to be a cousin to Castor Oil, just from the sound of it. The older I get, the more I incorporate products into my diet that ARE NOT approved by the FDA (and therefore the pharmaceutical companies). Besides, how bad can a natural oil be for your bod?

8. You mean they are already pushing Christmas on us? LOL! I guess I'd know that if I ever got out & about to shop. This time of year, everyone is having parties where you can buy or order your Christmas presents, so I never venture within a half a mile of the dreaded Mall.

9. There is no freaking way I am going to look at that puppy cam. Mr. S would kill me because I know I'd have to have a new puppy, after we'd already decided we'd have no more dogs.

Country Girl said...

No time for the puppy cam this morning, but I am totally gonna check that one out.
Sweet potatoes are the thing nowadays for cancer prevention, apparently. Much better than even broccoli.
I think the Christmas stuff is too early, too.
I like the peaches Gerber food. However, I haven't had it since my sons were, um babies. But thanks for your honesty regarding your insanity. Makes me feel all warm and well, normal.
My husband is patiently waiting for me. We're going to Wally's soon. I hate Wally's, but it's where he feels comfortable and it's his first shopping trip since you know what.
I don't really think you're insane.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves baby food. The bananas are to die for, and the turkey and/or chicken sticks (aka vienna sausages for babies) are out of this world.

Now, let's never speak of this again.

Sassy said...

I'm 52 and I love their fruit dessert...scary isn't it? I'm willing to give the cod liver oil a chance...if it will help the aches of rsd AND LOSE WEIGHT...the radio staion I listen too started playing nonstop christmas music last week...I love the music but that's waaaaaay to early. Our budget is in the toilet this year and our limit is closer to the 0 end...but there has got to be something that would be priceless and yet be worth millions...I've got my thinking cap on...and your picture that showed your looked what that it was fake...the real thing is sooooo old fashioned any more LOL

TSannie said...

OK, you have officially gone around the bend!
But, wait! I already know that!

Ellen said...

A radio station in Phila is already playing all Christmas music all the time. And I used to get up set at seeing Christmas decorations in stores before Thanksgiving.

Camellia said...

The puppy cam is off line, thank goodness. Maybe I'll forget about it.

Once we had 7 (SEVEN)cats, none of which we had gone out and selected. Now that's crazy....

Christmas husband and I don't do them to each other. I must think on that.

Anonymous said...

TOG and I never talk budget. He tells me to rein in spending. So I get practical. Then he goes out and spends as much as he wants and I look like scrooge. I can't win this one!

I ate tons of baby food when I was pregnant the first time. Peach Cobbler! Sweet potatoes!

Anonymous said...

Well, we are buying a couch for each other.

Got NSLO a wii fit. Actually got to Toys R Us when the shipment arrived!Shoes she wanted, and she can pick one gift.

I like the Earth's Best Baby food best!

Cod Liver oil...not since my Grandmother YUCK!

Worried about pets..get a dyson animal vac. No one will know you have pets!

Have a happy day!

Starwoodgal said...

We decided to not do anything for Christmas this year as far as gifts for each other. Neither of us really "want" anything.

Surely we can find a recipe that includes baby food. Ha!

I can't do fake tans because I turn orange and look like an Oompa-Loompa. Nuff said!

Christmas stuff: Hobby Lobby already has their stuff on sale for 50% off and I still don't want any.

Go look at the puppies, people. It will brighten your day!

Trisha said...

okay - that puppy cam is too cute! I can see where that can be totally addictive!

Keetha said...

I have no luck with spray-on tans. It streaks and is orangey and people point and laugh. Okay, maybe not that last thing but defnitely the others.

I'd love to help you brainstorm some ideas for the hubby. Tell us a bit about his interests and hobbies. Besides his all consuming devotion to you, of course.

big hair envy said...

Christmas will be lean at Casa de Envy this year. I cut our gift-giving list in half yesterday. Sorry folks! Hubby & I are doing a renovation project, which translates to our Christmas gifts. Daughter wants cash and gas cards! No shopping required:)

Baby food? REALLY????

Lisa J said...

Wow, that was a lot for a Thursday!
I am glad you mentioned "shoes" in your posting, just summs up the question on my blog!!!

Living on the Spit said...

Congrats on and for the kiddos. That is awesome!

Puppy cam...I gotta go. see. puppies.

I love shopping just not the crowds...

Spray on tan...hmmm

and give up on the cod liver oil...bleck.


Magpie said...

Fish oil. It's my panacea. And it sounds better than Cod Liver oil.

Sandie said...

I did it. I looked at the puppy cam. I should have known better, but couldn't help myself...sweet, cuddly, fluffy, playful, silly little adorable things. I want one. No scratch that, I want two. *Sigh*

Liz said...

Me too! I love Gerber applesauce. Yum. But since I dont have any kids, eating it seems a lot wierder. :)

Anonymous said...

The dh and I are talking about not doing presents this year...but he'll cheat, so I'm not sure it will work *g.

I haven't even made up a shopping list for Christmas this year. The whole thing just so overwhelms me...

Daryl said...

Someone sent me that puppy cam last week .. I have been watching it a lot ..its very soothing

$100 .. you can do a lot with a $100 .. you can buy 10 bottles of $10 hooch .. you can buy 100 pieces of penny candy ..

You can make a donation in his name for $100 at a food bank or other worthwhile charity.

And he can buy you a massage at Exhale ... or a facial or other indulgence to show you how appreciative he is that you did such a self less act on his behalf.


Rebeckah said...

Wow! That was a lot of stuff! Why don't you try to get a cheap hotel online for a special weekend away : ). That would be a nice Christmas present. Gary and I once stayed in a 4 star hotel for $30. Isn't that cool! Hope you feel less stressed as the week goes on!

Rebeckah said...

Oh, and PS I LOVE baby food too. The bannanas make me want to burst out into song. : )

imbeingheldhostage said...

How do you do? You can turn a list into a fascinating read!
My favourite is the Hawaiian delight, ooh and vanilla custard and I like the veggie mixed one too.

I have NO suggestions for that Christmas budget or any other one.. I've been racking my brain for the Hubby since what he'd really like is an iphone, but if I get it over here, I basically pay double and buying one in the states won't work over here. sigh. Bet you wanted to know all of that.

Debbie said...

Okay, I just realized my comment about black feet was wrong. You wanted to know what to get Squazz...duh. Nix the black feet stuff. Drawing a blank here.

I just buy mostly for David now and I guess I should be thinking of starting...soon?

I love baby food peaches LOL

RiverPoet said...

I used to love snitching bites of the cherry vanilla pudding when my kids were little (ages ago!).

Hubby and I really enjoyed watching the puppies today. It was a relaxing "screensaver" on our non-work computers (yes, we have two systems going on our desks all day).

As for Christmas budgets, hubby and I are doing that, too - for each other. I'm getting him a new cordless razor and a bottle of Glen Morangie (sp?) single malt scotch. I think he's getting me a Nintendo DS and a couple of games. I like the idea of the Brain Age games. So we're sticking to about $200 each, and then we're spending about $300 each on our adult kids. That's because the one in college needs a bike, and the one who is a little older needs new glasses and can't afford the doctor visit and glasses. Otherwise, I think they'd each be getting a gift card!

Good luck with your shopping. Get creative!

Peace - D

noble pig said...

I have totally taken cod liver oil but I have no idea why. I can't remember.

Heidi said...

Oh wow - baby food! And prunes yet. Another wow.
I'm not ready for Christmas or Christmas stuff in's too soon!

dlyn said...

Peach baby food is good, but the rest doesn't do much for me.

We never spend more than $100 - usually less, but then we just get toekn things usually. Larry doesn't have to get me anything for Christmas, my birthday or our anniversary for about the next 40 years, after what I just spent on my new camera. On the other hand, I think I owe him a new car.

You don't seem that crazy to me - I think you need more practice.