Thursday, July 31, 2008



double check



Mother's Little Helpers?

Thing One and Thing Two?

We are off to visit a few more colleges.
Pray for me.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

have a safe and fun and informative time!
love the check list :)

Bear Naked said...

Good luck and hopefully you will be supplied with some great blog fodder.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Have fun! We will continue NSLO's (our) search in the fall. Be safe.

Country Girl said...

I'm reading this, scrolling down, thinking "what a cute post with all the pictures" and then I get to "Thing 1 and Thing 2" and it's your kids and I cracked up!

Have a wonderful trip and bring us back some good information.

TSannie said...

Take care of your mama, Thing One and Thing Two!

dlyn said...

Have fun - college searching is lot cheaper than when they actually get there. Maybe you can keep them on an endless search? :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Wait! Don't leave yet! You forgot the most important Mother's Little Helper. I don't see any wine. (For use only in the evenings, not during driving, mind you.)

Have a great, safe trip and enjoy every minute. Have fun.

Sassy said...

Stay safe and have fun...what better place to get stories than colleges...I didn't see a camera on your list...your little things {kiddo's} are sure cute! If you are checking out ASU...I'd ♥ to meet you! I'm sure that 's too far away from your home for thing 1 and thing 2...Go make some memories!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You have fun! I'm so glad we're past that stage. Of course that means I'm closer to the empty nest stage.

Stay safe and have a good time. Bet you get some good blogging material out of the trip!

Can you twitter from your phone?

Anonymous said...

Have fun MPM! Take lots of pictures! Enjoy the time with your young-uns!

tj said..., there's something missing, oh yeah - where's the bottle of wine in the photo of "Mother's Lil' Helpers"?

...Enjoy this time!

...Blessings... :o)

Lisa J said...

Enjoy this time, it will be over all to quickly. I hear you might be visiting a friend of ours out in NC. Give her a hug from me if you can. Be careful, have fun, and take lots of pictures.

Trisha said...

God Bless you and your Thing one and Thing Two as you travel!

Have fun and I love the monkey on the electronics!

Meg said...

Best of luck and enjoy!

Treasia said...

Have a great time.

Alias Liz Jones said...

What a couple of great looking kids! Did you pack a mild sedative? If you don't need one, maybe you could use one to spike their drinks for the road trip.
Have fun...?

Anonymous said...

What beautiful kids you have! Try and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting. Be safe, good luck, and most importantly, enjoy every minute of the process :)

noble pig said...

Have fun.

Keetha said...

Oh my. JUST THINK of the stories you'll have to tell when you get back!

Be safe. I want a full report.

Daryl said...

Mani looks great

I WANT the iPhone cover

And the Twinsiles .. adorable

You will survive this ... you will


Christine said...

Ohhh on the road to colleges! I don't envy you! ha ha! Have fun, though! What smiles on your kids. Looking towards their future!

Caution Flag said...

You surely raised gorgeous kids.

Krysta said...

good luck...i'm excited and scared to start doing the college looking thing this winter.

Mary said...

Good luck, have fun, and remember: they can't go anywhere with mom hanging onto their ankles and screaming "Nooooooo...."

Snooty Primadona said...

Having been there, done that, you are definitely in my prayers. It's not an easy task, so you might need a few cocktails at the end of the day, lol. Have one on me!

Thankfully, the daughter had been accepted at her Dad's alma mater, The University of Texas - Austin. Even though she had originally wanted wanted to go Ivy League, she eventually settled at UT. Made life ever so much easier.

MamaGeek said...


Wait, hey, come back for me! Your kids are beautiful BTW - good luck~

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Hollllllllllld on there a second, Missy!! In your "Mother's Little Helpers" section, the only fun-a-cuetical I saw was an inhaler!
Where are the little orange bottles?

Amateur!! ;)

Flea said...

Monkey!!!1! Is that a picture of you? Have I not seen you before? I was envisioning you older. What's a mother of college students doing being so young?

Debbie said...

Drawing a blank this morning reading this...I just saw you!! LOL

And may I say Hallelujah to Flea for agreeing with me...there is no friggin way you're not UNDER 40!

Debbie's phone number...check :)

holly said...

ROAD TRIP!!! woo hoo!!! except you flew. okay, AIR TRIP!!! woo hoo!!!

make sure you keep the embarrassment *constant*. not too much, not too little, just constant.

Egghead said...

Sounds like you will be prepared in more ways than one. Have a great trip

Chere said...

College visits can be a blast. I am the parents who will ask a million questions. Our last child is going to be a junior in college. He would just laugh at me on college visits. Are your twins going to be seniors this year? Enjoy then while they are at home. It goes by so fast.