Thursday, April 25, 2013

This 'n That Thursday


  • That newscaster who dropped the F-bomb on his first broadcast?  He sure has had a lot of attention, and has anyone but me noticed that he cannot speak or even read a teleprompter?
  • The Nashville Marathon and Half is in 2 sleeps.  It's supposed to rain and thunder. The last time I ran this race, we were under a tornado warning.  Those conditions were not the best.
  • CBW and her Baby Sis are coming tomorrow morning to participate with me.
  • I expect we'll manage to entertain ourselves. I've been building my wine reserves. There is lots to do here.
  • I do not care for Michael Buble.
  • Don't tell anyone, but I have already decided not to run the race on Saturday.
  • My beloved dog Dora is now terrified of her empty food bowl.  What is that all about?
  • I am celebrating the full moon today as a sign of a great new phase.
  • Jimmy Buffet is our entertainment after the race.
  • I wonder if I might be a Druid.


Hilary said...

I wouldn't be running with a built up wine reserve either. Have fun with friends!

Daryl said...

i dont think i would run unless whatever is making sweet Dora afraid of her empty food bowl was chasing me .. i dont run, i dont even run to make the light ... enjoy

abb said...

What a fun weekend you have ahead of you! Hugs to the seesters (and to you and Little Miss Neuroticista).

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


LL Cool Joe said...

It's interesting that you mentioned Michael Buble. I think his music is okay but I read an interview by him and really didn't like the sound of him at all. I dunno if he was trying to sound all potty mouthed because he has a squeaky clean image but I didn't warm to him at all.

Country Girl said...

Is Dora a Druid too? And I don't like Michael Buble either.

Debbie said...

As a fellow Neuroticista (love it, Annie) I empathize with Miss Dora completely. We don't need a reason.

Visited Life in Matthews for first time today and there you were!

I never have been able to run. I managed to get out of it even in Basic Training LOL

Have fun!!!!

I Am Woody said...

OMG! I hope you are a Celt so we can paint you blue!!!

Sally said...

Well, if you're not going to run, are you going to walk? Remember you told me that some people walk, and I've been trying to get to where I can do a 5K.

Have fun this weekend! Have some wine for me. :)


joanne said...

you are really all over the place today! Run? never..well, I used to run track in high school but that just means I wasn't one of the popular "chosen" girls. Nevertheless, I wouldn't run in the rain but I'm pretty sure you will cause you are a much stronger person than I! Dora...hmmmm I think I understand her but it's hard to explain. take care and be safe out there.

Pix Under the Oaks said...

I am not a fan of Michael Buble either. I don't run, walking works for me. I can't imagine running a Marathon with rain and thunder. I couldn't run a Marathon if the weather was perfect! Enjoy your company and make a dent in your wine reserve.. :) Have fun!

Unknown said...

I heard an interview with that newsguy and I was not impressed at all. It sort of makes me mad that people can't control themselves and avoid that word on the FIRST DAY of a new job. Are you serious?

I hope you do great on your marathon. I think you are all sorts of special.

Karen Deborah said...

BWAHAHA just read CBW's post about the marathon and having fun and I said that if she was having funwith you there will be WiNE! that.