Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Text: Parentexting™

When The Mama needs help,
we get one word responses:

 And when The Boy needs help?
We get a soliloquy....

By the way, his shoes are winging their way to him as we speak.
Thanks to his sister:)
Such a team, we are....


kim-d said...

I just love these conversations!

Daryl said...

does he have golf shoes for other holidays? The Bird is a very good sister. Any plans for being in the cit-ay this week/weekend?

Sally said...


I haven't done "texting" yet; I'm afraid to!! :)

Sassy said...

I LOVE YOUR CONVERSATIONS!!!! I still call Brody's phone just to hear his cute message and hear his voice...........someday I will have a new phone where my conversations will read like this...because I love them....my conversations on WORDS WITH FRIENDS are like this with my daughter and I love them..............I do love when our kiddo's need something or some help it IS more important than when we do hahahaha


Magpie said...

Under the closet??

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I wonder if he has 4th of July rugby shoes.

What a good sister (and mama) he has.

Debbie said...

Augie is just way cool to have holiday golf shoes!

Does his Mama have holiday flip flops?

Your babies are the BEST!

Hilary said...

LOL. so typical.