Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I know what you're thinking.  Oh, gah, another fecking wonderful and informative meme.  But I am making a promise right here that my answers will only be a one-line affair.  No matter what.

This one is from Tammy.  Here we go.

What tv game show/reality show would you like to be on?

This. Is. Jeopardy.

What is the first movie you bought in VHS or DVD?

It was Betamax:  The Legend of Billy Jack.  --One Tin Soldier.... God am I old.

What is your favorite scent?

Dial soap. 

If you had one million dollars to spend only on yourself, what would you spend it on?

Pay off the mortgage, and buy investment property in Virginia. ;)

One place you've visited, can't forget and want to go back to?


Do you trust easily?


Do you generally think before you act, or act before you think?


Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?

Friends with illness in their family.

Do you have a good body image?

Surprisingly, yes.

What is your favorite fruit?


What websites do you visit daily?

Way too many.  And I love them all.

What have you been seriously addicted to lately?

My children's college application processes.  They are not the least bit happy about that.

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is? 

Irreverent and loyal.  The best combo;)

What's the last song that got stuck in your head?

Billy Don't be a Hero.

Favorite clothing?

Jeans and flip flops.

Do you think Rice Krispies are yummy?

Nope.  Unless they are mushed into a bar with butter and marshmallows.

What would you do if you saw $100 lying on the ground?

Pick it up.  Try to find the owner.  But only for a minute.

Items you couldn't go without during the day?

Water, eyeglasses and food.

What should you be doing right now?

Flossing, brushing and exfoliating.


Suz @ Alive in Wonderland said...

OMG- we WERE separated at birth! Billy Jack? Love him! Billy Don't Be A Hero? Love him. Ireland? Loved it. Act before thinking? Always.
But Dial Soap? are on your own on that one!

noble pig said...

Yes, the snap, crackle and pop must have butter and's the only way.

Bear Naked said...

Snicker snicker snicker.
And your favourite fruit has to be mashed and fermented.

Bear((( )))

Country Girl said...

I find this all very interesting. And I don't even like memes! Don't be sad. Everything will be fine. It's my mantra lately.

And Dial soap smells nice!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I have the entire set of Billy Jack and One Tin soldier OH MY a favorite of mine! Chocolate rice krispies with marshmallos and butter YUMMMM

kim-d said...

OMG--Billy Jack! I cried and cried, all 20 times or so I saw that movie. Did you ever see "Buster and Billie"--it was right about the same time as Billy Jack? Jan Michael Vincent was in it, when he was young and handsome. I keep trying to find other people who saw that movie back then, but I'm starting to think my 1974 BFF and I were the only two who saw it. That movie has stayed with me all these years!

And the buttered/marshmallowed snap/crackle/pops are even better with melted chocolate drizzled over the top.

Your answers are really interesting and fun. I wish I "knew" you in real life!

Flea said...

Mmm! Rice krispy treats! Must. Make. Them.

Living on the Spit said...

Meme's can be a lot of fun with wonderful answers like yours!! That was really good. I too am a fan of those rice krispy things with butter and marshmellows...yum. Come on over later, I will show you some nice investment property when you win that million.

You are so loved.


RiverPoet said...

You know, Dial soap and Ivory soap used to be at a tie for my favorite scents. I think it's because they made me think of all things clean and grandmotherly. They represented my two separate grandmothers (each love one of those soaps).

But now the scent of Dial makes me a little sick. I don't know if it's just the liquid hand-soap kind that bothers me or what. Kind of weird, huh?

Peace - D

Caution Flag said...

Oh how I used to CRY over "Billy, don't be a hero!" Why?

Big Hair Envy said...

Dial soap smells like my grandma's house! I still love it:)

Because we have a land surveying business, we have connections in the real estate arena. I'll be glad to give you some names and numbers when you decide to buy your Virginia property!!! Better yet, I'll just sell you part of mine. I promise to always have wine....

Starwoodgal said...

Oh Great! Now that song is stuck in my head.


You so funny.

swampy said...

OH, I can almost smell that bar of Dial Soap...BUT, I like the blue bar made for men. Not sure the exact name of is yummy. Almost as yummy as rice krispies mashed in with butter and marshmallows.

Please stop by and let me know if what I posted is ok. If not, let me know and I'll change it.

Sandie said...

"Flossing, brushing and exfoliating."

Amen, sister. You just said a mouthful. (Now off to the powder room go I!)

Lisa J said...

Dial soap???? Your favorite smell? Hummmm I think I need to worry about you just a little.

Sassy said...

I know you probably get sick of doing tags but I do love learning about you and others by reading their answers...I love Dial as well and ♥ ♥ ♥ rice krispie treats...the more marshmallows the better...and Billy Jack...I wish Connecticut and Arizona were closer I could meet ya!!!

brneyedgal967 said...

Ah, Ireland- I visited that also a loooong time ago. It is up there on my places to revisit.

Yes, meme's can be a drag but it's so fun to read the answers!! :-) Thank you for playing along.

Daryl said...

Ah .. flipflops and jeans .. my weekend uniform .. except in winter when its boots and jeans ... and the obligatory black tee

and grapes

and ..............


Ellen said...

Grapes in what form? Pre or post fermentation?

phd in yogurtry said...

Hmm. Dial soap. I'd better keep you away from my husband. The only scent he wears. And yes, I think it smells purty damned good too.

TSannie said...

Flip-flops and jeans....another reason you are one of my dearest friends.

Debbie said...

You forgot tweezing. You should be tweezing right now. I loved Billy Jack. Nice memory you gave me LOL.

Soap person here perfume. I dislike what it does to my head and sinuses.'d win in Jeopardy! I just know it.