Wednesday, March 19, 2008

T is for Too Much Information

Is it just me, or are we too much in-the-know of our politicians' sexual habits? As I sit here in the wilds of puritan New England, the stories get saucier by the minute. And where I come from, there are certain things we don't talk about.

A little recap:

Two weeks ago, New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer is busted amid reports of a $4300/event hooker and he resigns with the requisite stoic wife at his side. It was not a one-time deal apparently. Imagine that.

The new Governor, David Paterson starts cleaning out his closet about an hour after his swearing in on Monday. Apparently both he and his wife hit a rough patch a while back, and they strayed. But they seem to have worked things out. At least that's what they say.

Then, we hear more sordid tales about the ex-Governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey (he resigned recently after admitting that he was gay and that he gave his male lover a cushy state job). He and his then-wife Dina are now in the middle of a nasty divorce. Surprise! And it now seems that they were involved in three-way sexual encounters with their driver before they were married. The minute details of these trysts have been splashed in the papers for two days. Up until now, her whole story has been all about her betrayal and how he duped her into marrying him, but now it appears (allegedly) that she was well aware of Jimmy Boy's preferences before they even married,

Then on a low-key Tuesday afternoon, we hear that New York's new Governor Paterson had not one, but many affairs. As did his wife. That closet they are cleaning out is quite a roomy one, isn't it?

Now, here in Connecticut, our former Governor John Rowland did time in prison for corruption and tax fraud. We will leave it to speculation about his sexual activities both in the slammer and out. He's out now and working hard in Waterbury. If any of you know anything about Connecticut, you will get a laugh out of that one.

Kind of makes ol' Bill Clinton look a little tame, no? Also kind of makes me almost need a glass of wine and a smoke after I read the paper these days. And I don't even smoke. But seriously, all of these people have children. My heart aches when I think of the damage done to the innocent players in all these dramas. It really makes me wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to serve as an elected official.

And then you have Obama. I don't care what your politics might be, you have to admit he gave each and every one of us something to think about yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Way TMI...

I read about your new gov yesterdy and you have to admit, he has a winning strategy in that the dumping of his garbage out in the middle of the street for everyone to dig through kind of eliminates the possibility of a scandal down the road.... assuming that he's walking the straight and narrow now!
I had wondered what happened to the former gay guy and his wife. But I didn't want to know much more than if they were still together. Yikes.
As far as Obama, I read some excerpts from his speech and I'm glad he didn't simplify or gloss over the tough stuff. However, I also didn't hear anything that made me think "this guy has the answers". Maybe he does. I didn't read the whole thing or watch it.

The presidential race is still in the carnival stage, and I look forward to it moving into a more detailed and issue specific mode.

Great post!

abb said...

I believe the disgrace of the 3 governors of NY, NJ and CT is called the:

Tri-State Trifecta. Special.

You have a good point about the children involved - it truly isn't fair to them.

Funny, I squacked about the same thing over at our shared blog, ( Guess it's true that brilliant minds think alike!


Anonymous said...

I think it is just sad. It's a symptom of the ills of our world today. Maybe it is TMI but frankly I don't want a leader who is immoral. Sexual problems are usually a symptom of greater problems. I want a leader who has values and a higher standard of morality than the average person. I don't expect them to be perfect but spending $80,000 on call girls is absolutely pathetic!

And the children... innocent victims. ::shaking head:: It makes me weep for them. :(

As far as Obama... I read his speech but I'm not sure I believe much of what he says. After all, he is trying to repair the damage done by his minister. *IF* (and I stress the word "if") he agrees with his minister's words, would he ever admit that in public and destroy his candidacy race? I highly doubt it.

Either way, personally, my opinion is that his words for equality means very little to me when he doesn't give unborn children the equal treatment for the right to live with his pro-abortion stance he has. But that's just my measly 2 cents worth. ;)

Nancy Chisum said...

And to think (and I am kinda focusing on the tax fraud stuff right now), all these "lawmakers" want us to be good law abiding citizens and do all the right things yada yada....

As for the sexual exploits, I think it is a sad situation on all accounts but I also think it is pretty disgusting that journalists feel they have any business reporting anyone's bedroom stories. Then again, I dont think much of journalists.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. It's crazy isn't it. I think these people feel they are intouchable and start living these torrid lives once in office.

Very disgraceful.

Mary said...

It's funny, but I blogged about the same thing today! Yes, I wish our esteemed leaders would be more circumspect...or even just keep things zipped once in awhile.

As for Obama's speech -- I watched and was mesmerized by every word. I really think it will go down in history (if he wins) as a great speech. I only hope it doesn't get boiled down to sound bites...

Mental P Mama said...

I think we are all starting to get a belly full. Thanks for the real and thought-provoking comments. And as Tiny Tim would say, God bless us, everyone.