Saturday, March 22, 2008

Small Talk

Bird, Augie and I got to spend some quality time together yesterday in a doctor's office where we gathered for a checkup. What follows are snippets of what I heard them discussing. The players: Bird and Augie (my 16 y-o twins); Goose - yours truly; Faj - what Augie calls his father.

Augie: Goose, goose?!
Mental Mama: (eyebrows raised)?
Augie: Faj and Bird were talking about college and what she wants to do when she gets out. When she told him about maybe working in Washington, he told her to make sure she stays conservative! (Puffed up imitation voice): "Just don't stray to the left, now."
Bird (snickering): I just think it's easier to play along rather than hurt his feelings.
Augie (with conviction): You know, you should just come out to him. Tell him you're a Democrat.
Mental Mama: (giggles aplenty)
Birdy: (shrugs and smiles)

--Fast forward a few minutes

Augie (thumbing through a 5 month old People magazine): Goose, what is the doctor going to talk to us about?
Mental Mama: I don't know, why don't we wait and see.
Augie (putting magazine down): If he says the word "genitals" I'm gonna have to put my head down. When they used to say it in Health Class, it made me dizzy.
Mental Mama: ~~~


Snooty Primadona said...

Yup, I think they like to hear the word genitals about as much as they like thinking about their parents having sex, LOL! Neither one is pleasant for a teenager, apparently. I can't remember back that far...

Anonymous said...

That's so funny. At least their open about it!

Anonymous said...

Probably the toughest adjustment I've had with the girls as they've become adults... the ability to joke about genitals/sex without thinking about each other's!

I'm still convinced that my son in law gives my daughter a firm handshake each night before he retires to his room. And I don't want to hear any differently!

My daughter would prefer to think my husband and I are just fishing buddies!

Meg said...

Kids do not EVER want to think about their parents having sex more times than it took to conceive them..parent's don't want to ever think about their kids having sex...except where grandbabies are concerned....sigh....

Anonymous said...

I prefer the misnomer Archie Bunker used for that part of his anatomy: 'gentles'

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I love to tease the Kids (20, 20 and 16) I love seeing them cringe and fake gagging about their father and I LOL... call it pay back early for the hell they put me through LOL.