Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Wondering

      • Does a tummy-tuck really hurt?
      • Why does Rachael Ray still have a show?
      • Does Dr. Oz really know everything?
      • Or does Oprah?
      • How many calories do you burn having a hot flash?
      • Why do dogs bark at nothing?
      • Do you think a Hawaii Chair is worth it?
      • Is all this sagging business really the result of gravity?
      • Why can't I learn to fold a fitted sheet properly?
      • Can we just go ahead and classify wine as a fruit serving?
      • When are my bangs going to grow back?


      Anonymous said...

      Yes, those are some of the big questions in life, aren't they?

      And what IS it with fitted sheets?? They do refuse to be folded, don't they?

      abb said...

      If we lived in an atmosphere of zero gravity would we be taut?

      Anonymous said...

      Sorry, I'm mezmorized by your flicker pictures and am unable to respond to any of your questions... except yes, bangs grow back!

      brneyedgal967 said...

      * Yes
      * She hasn't annoyed the right people yet.
      * Probably not
      * Yes
      * 3,848,955
      * They see dead people
      * Abso-freakin-lutely
      * Cosmic joke
      * The cardboard insert it comes with is a folding template. What, you discarded it?
      * Yes, very slowly

      Glad to help. That's my job. ;-)

      Anonymous said...

      Yes, wine is a food so go ahead and make a serving. I have 2 servings of fruit a day...or more I mean you never know.

      Anonymous said...

      Great questions!

      I read that Rachel Ray made $16 million last year. How is that possible?

      Anonymous said...

      MMN is an expert at folding fitted sheets, thanks to coaching from Martha Stewart many year ago. Gosh, I'm SOOOOO embarrassed to admit this.........

      Mental P Mama said...

      Miss Missy! Get down here and teach me!

      Flea said...

      Okay - the Hawaii Chair? Remember the belt sander? I mean, the exercise belt, where you'd stand with the belt around your waist, letting it shake and do the work for you? And I think Tombstone Annie's on to something here.