Thursday, March 20, 2008

Travels with a Baby Bird

Last week, my Baby Bird and I went driving all over tarnation looking at schools she (we) might want to attend. By the way, what in tarnation does tarnation mean? I think it means all the paved roads. Tar Nation; get it? But I digress. We were really in Virginia. Since Virginia is one state I haven't attempted to study in yet, I think I will really like it there once we get all settled in. I'm working on Augie now, so we can all be close, but he really likes Pennsylvania.
Anyway, believe it or not, my Bird is not a morning bird. Have you ever heard of such nonsense from a sixteen-year-old? She does her best to humor me, but I can see right through her. So basically, I entertain myself with a variety of soliloquies about the beautiful blooming trees we pass (they were gorgeous, and one reason I love Virginia is that spring seems to come nice and early). Other times I have to entertain myself are when she is listening to her i-pod. I generally sing opera arias then. This picture is a garden at a sorority house in Williamsburg. Can't you just see us there?

So, we fast forward to last night. I have this dream I want to analyze:

I wake up in my bed to the sound of chirping baby birds. I have a potted evergreen tree near a large window that a bird has nested in, and her eggs have hatched overnight. I hurriedly open the window so the mother can go get food for her screaming babies. She returns, feeds them, and repeats this many times. Finally, I go downstairs to tell Squazz all about our new family members.

Then I immediately begin to worry about how we are going to make sure that they can fledge safely from their cozy home.

All our babies have to fledge. It seems to be weighing heavily on this Mama's mind these days. Godspeed to all our baby birds.


Mary said...

The night before my son left for college, I couldn't sleep, suddenly realizing that he would soon be beyond my sphere of influence. And I had never managed to convince him of the importance of eating his vegetables. Could I please have a do-over? :)

Meg said...

We are never ready for this phase in our lives as moms...sending you ((((hugs)))) from Texas!!

abb said...

So can't STAND to see them go, on the other hand, it would be SO not good for them - and we moms - if they stayed with us forever.

Ahh the milestones we mommys don't always take kindly to.

Just wait until they come back for their first summer. Believe me when I tell you that you will be quite pleased to see them going on back to school! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Plus, when you see the drop in the food bill, the water bill, the electric bill, and so on, you really will learn to smile again ;^)

Anonymous said...

Our last one flies away this fall. All I can say is I'll finally have a 50/50 ratio of female to male in the house!!

Flea said...

Your baby birds will be fine. I can say that because none of mine are due to leave the nest for four years. But I really look forward to the day that they become their own little birdies and fly!

Mental P Mama said...

Aren't you sad when your baby leaves? People? I already miss my babies. Am I weird? More weirder than usual...

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, there is no way my kids are going off to college. No way. I'll be so sad!