Thursday, May 12, 2011

This-n-That Thursday

Things that made me smile this week:
  • Puffs Plus with lotion.
  • A perfectly ripe avocado.
  • Newt.
  • Hummingbirds at the feeder.
  • The car wash.
  • My Wal-Mart orchid with 30 blooms and buds.
  • Summer pj's.
  • Mint iced tea.
  • Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle.
  • Discovering scarlet tanagers in the park.
And the best?
  • My babies are home from their second year of school! Halfway!


Tammy said...

Hummus has made me smile this week. That is some good stuff! A perfectly ripe avocado would have been great!

LL Cool Joe said...

That blogger is now back and working. I had the feeling that I may never see my blog again.

Enjoy your babies!

TSannie said...

ONE hummer...that's it for my feeder

Bigelow mint tea i's the BOMB!

TSannie said...

I have it on good authority that unless you are commenting from an iPad, you can't comment. Thus, there should be many more comments here...maybe later today.

Daryl said...

There was some sort of snafu with a Google/Blogger maintenance update .. comments and dashboard werent accessible and some blogs actually disappeared ... pouf ...

I dont like Puffs or any other tissue with lotion, it feels smarmy .. eww

Newt makes me cringe

But I smiled a lot at the thought of your babies being home ...

Caution said...

Keith HATES tissues with lotion. I buy nothing but.

What made me happy this week? Sun! - such a rare treat in the third gloomiest city in America.

TSannie said...

Do not clean eye glasses with Puffs Plus...fuzzy world will result
ONE hummer at my feeder - not happy.
Going to the Wall-Marts for an orchid.
There is NOTHING better than Bigelow mint tea.
Some of my babies are home - for short visits or longer stays...bittersweet.
Gonna miss you at bridge tonight. Can I tempt you with grilled hamburgers that have a big old slice of fresh onion on them????

Nurse Nancy said...

Glad blogger is back and that your babies are home. What made me happy this week....beating you in a game of Words with Friends! I will stop gloating now as it does not become me (or anyone else). Have a good day!

Joanie said...

Enjoy your babies!

Elijah made me smile this week.

And you...
I enjoy your posts so much!

Trisha said...

Woodpeckers pounding on the gutters to wake you up.

Birds eating berries from the feeder.

Cats snoozing in the sun.

Piles of books waiting to be read.

A freshly charged iPod full of great stuff!

Interesting blogs to read.

Sally said...

Babies home, half way thru, the best news!! :)

Paxie said...

Making the "older" ladies hoot with laughter at my antics at Curves.

Now I'm focused on that burger at Annie's. I can't play bridge, but I can eat.

Ahhhh. Sweet babies ♥♥

Deltaville Jamie said...

I had a guy once ask me if I wanted to see his newt... it was about as impressive as you might imagine. And I had my 3rd sighting of an Indigo Bunting last evening.

Life with Kaishon said...

So happy your babies are home. That is the best. The very best. Even better than the summer jammies.

Country Girl said...

Have a great weekend, my friend. Miss you.

Grandma J said...

A summer of jammies and your babies! Who could ask for more?

yogurt said...

A long walk, after a long rain, along a greenbelt in search of water, alongside my hubby. Wonderful. Enjoy your homeside kiddos.

Camellia said...

I love your list...waiting for my hummers. Love that avocado perfectly ripe. How did you see the scarlet tanagers, aren't they good hiders?

Flea said...

Yay! Halfway mark and home! One more year till my oldest disappears.