Thursday, November 4, 2010

This-n-That Thursday

Utter nonsense:
  • A sick dog can break your heart.
  • On Monday, the foliage was near perfect. On Wednesday? It was gone.
  • When it rains, I feel like I need to organize things on my desk.
  • If you need a tiara, you should go here.
  • It's raining today, so I suppose my office will be sparkling by noon.
  • We apparently have two governors here in Connecticut.
  • Is anybody else getting porn spam in their Facebook message box?
  • My college sophomore daughter received an invitation for an American Express Gold Card in the mail yesterday. I shredded it.
  • Is there anything better than that first turtleneck of the season? Wait. I can answer that. Yes, the first flip flops of Spring.
  • The Housewives of Beverly Hills? Priceless.
  • Regis and Kelly? Done.
  • I suffer from Psychosomatic Itching Syndrome. And, yes, I just made that up.
  • How many books-in-waiting on a nightstand is too many?
  • I wish I could earn money procrastinating. I'd be on the Forbes 100 list.
Do you have any nonsense to add? Please?


abb said...

You really MUST get Dora a tiara. I'm sure she positively love it as much as her Halloween hat.
(That dog looks totally put upon.)

Nurse Nancy said...

Dora needs a tiara as well....the dog who is modeling looks so happy!

I think that Pricness Grace's tiara is the nicest and would look just lovely on the Bird.

KCSherri said...

YES! I'm getting the porn spam in my FB message box - glad it's not just me! Ew.

And I love me some Real Housewives...the Beverly Hills bunch are priceless - lots of money and bling and mansions and all the things that make the show fun!

Debbie said...

Raining here and I hope your mood strikes me. Such chaos.

Yes, Dora definitely needs a tiara.

I've been watching all the Housewives...trying to break news addiction.

I have to go gather/hoard more nuts.

Magpie said...

My 6yo gets catalogs and credit card solicitations, because the people at REI talked us into getting her an REI membership.

Trisha said...

When the books don't fit on the nightstand any more and must take over an entire cabinet in the kitchen - that is when there are too many!

Keetha said...

I'm still regretting all the nachos I ate last night. I really enjoyed them at the night. It's morning after remorse.

Tomorrow the temps will be in the 40s most of the day. Love it!

How much longer until lunch? I want some nachos.

Why isn't the plural of "nachos" spelled "nachoes"? Or is it?

Elisabeth Jude said...

Hey Mama.
You caught me from Mary Warren (Journey Into Elderhood). I love your posts!
For your absurdities: I am a 45-year-old woman and the tag line at the top of my email recently read: STILL A GIRL HUNTER? I,532 Chinese women are looking for love!
I mean, I'm good and all, but dang.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

darn i feel left out.. .no porn in my message box...
poor dora hope shes better soon... she needs a tiara :)
rain and COLD here all i want is sleep ... we are going to target after school to seek a top for MJS new job and regester for you know who :)
Wish you were here!

Grandmother Mary said...

OK. Confession- I have 7 books in waiting on my nightstand, and that's because I just thinned them out!

Anonymous said...

I live in CT I thought it was pretty crazy that they only ordered 21,000 ballots for 69,000 voters and then blamed the president for the voting surge.

Country Girl said...

Is Dora ill? Oh, please say it isn't so.

Country Girl said...

And I'm not sure about porn spam. I'll check with the dog, though.

I Am Woody said...

Remind me to tell you about the credit card that my dog received in the mail....

Unknown said...

I need a new tiara...I really do. Me thinkst I shall grant myself one for the holidays. Yes, that's it.

Sick dogs do break my heart.

I just love you, you know that.

Nancy said...

Did you see the $50,000 4-year-old birthday party - that the little girl hated? Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ives! Thank you so much for the tiara resource! Do they have the driving variety? Delora

Daryl said...

Oh money procrastinating, if you do master it, I will be your disciple and I am the Queen of Weird Itches/Hives From Nowhere ... sigh.

Edie Kate said...

I need a tiara.

I would add more nonsense, but I already ran out of it on my last blog post. It's super non-sense. Gah.

Carol said...

You're a procastinator because you're a AQUARIAN. At least that is my excuse!

Kathleen... said...

If you figure out what the appropriate number of stacked books in-waiting is, let me know! I need to gauge how inappropriately tall mine is....:-$

Love the Mannequins of Beverly Hills! Train wreck!