Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Mashup

  • I had to turn on the a/c Friday.
  • We are going to have a "wintry mix" this afternoon and tonight.
  • In between, we had some tornado drama during the football games yesterday.  Luckily no one was hurt. Or worse.
  • I used my new pink drill and built a whole shelving system for my closet.
  • I need a manicure.
  • I am getting my place all Feng Shui'd for the new year.
  • Today I shall finish my thank you notes.  That is a sworn statement.
  • I am so happy that Argo won all those awards last night at The Golden Globes.  Most deserved.
  • I need to start training for the Nashville Half Marathon.  Yikes.
  • Robin Roberts on Good Morning America is a true cancer warrior.  Such an inspiration.
  • The Bird informed me that we are not supposed to double space between sentences when we text.  Really?  Who knew?
  • I am old.  And getting older by the day.  I consider that a very good thing.
  • How's your day shaping up?


I Am Woody said...

I've had the A/C on since Friday. Supposed to be 80* again today. Next month looks like we will be in Cleveland. I'm sure I won't have the A/C on.

Sally said...

Haven't turned on the a/c yet, thank goodness.

I agree about Robin Roberts!

I wouldn't know about double space since I don't do the "text" thing, I don't to, so I won't. :)

My day at the moment is waiting for Brittney. She's sort of late so I need to call her.

I always love when you make a post.
Wait? I think I triple spaced this.


Daryl said...

my day started with a marathon of cat racing across the bed and into the living room and back its times like this i am so glad its a small apartment .. no we can't close the door or we'd have howling cats sitting outside it ... next up blood drawn after fasting .. how many techs do you think asked me when i had eaten last? keep Wendy in your prayers, Mama, she hasn't long.

abb said...

Robin is coming back to TV next month!

Debbie said...

My handyman put the light switch up too high in the garage. Gah. Yes, I had him redo it. That's why he is STILL here. It's raining. He doesn't do rain very well LOL

Lovely warm weekend, but I believe it's over.

I forgot you had a pink drill. Squeeeeee!

I don't double-space.

Marathon? Oh my. I couldn't run to mailbox :(


Grandmother Mary said...

Half marathon- good for you!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well done for building a whole shelving system. I wanna see photos!

Ellen said...

You are not old - because if you are, I am too!

A pink drill - oh dear, I must get one of those too. I love to play with power tools.

Good luck with the running thing.

By the way, I double space too - I think it's a generational thing.

Country Girl said...

It was good to be busy today. And I miss you.

Carol said...

I also loved Argo. Have you seen Les Mes yet?

Joanie said...

Monday is over and gone. You could share some of our frigid air so you won't have to run your a/c!