Thursday, January 3, 2013

This 'n That Thursday

  • Happy New Year, people!
  • Dora and I are currently on the road back to Tennessee.  We had an amazing time in Connecticut with our babies/siblings/friends.  And we are ready to get home.
  • Best Western hotels are the bomb when you are traveling with pets.  The. Bomb.
  • I'm gonna need a few weeks of green tea and lemon water. *burp
  • Nancy Grace annoys the tar out of me.
  • I just got a gmail account.  I don't know how to make folders or anything in there.  Where can I get help?!
  • I am hot almost all the time now.  And I do not mean that in the good way.  gah
  • I finally found a great hairdresser in Tennessee.  Great.  I am blonde.  It is good.
  • Dora and I were sad to pull away from beautiful Connecticut, but we are excited for our new life and we know 2013 is going to be awesome.  For each and every one of us.
  • What do you think of Vitamix blenders?
  • And pressure cookers?


LL Cool Joe said...

You sound very perky! I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you!! And me! Well everyone.

Sally said...

Pressure cooker? No way
Need pic of your hair. :)
Glad you had such a great time!
Hope the rest of your journey is safe.


Sally said...

And, Happy New Year to you also!

I thought you had a gmail account. But, don't ask me nothin', I can't figure out how to stay "signed in". UGH

Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Mac and I missed time...HNY!!!

Unknown said...

HOT!!....yes, I concur.....and Nancy Grace, ditto.....water for me.....smiles

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Glad you got back safely.
I'm hot all the time now too. Oh, and also sick.

Happy 2013.

Ellen said...

Well that post is about as random as they come!

Country Girl said...

Been in some nice Best Westerns. Good for you and Dora! I love where your life is taking you. Go you ~

Laura~peach~ said...

i got a pressure cooker/ canner for christmas... i want a vitamix... those are awesome.
hugs me.

Debbie said...

So glad you enjoyed your time in CT and happy you arrived back home safe and sound.

I don't like pressure of any kind LOL

Having a "hair person" you can trust is priceless :)


Pix said...

Happy New Year!

abb said...

Everyone I know who has a Vitamix (or that other one that's very similar to it - can't think of the name) loves it. I had a pressure cooker that I finally gave to Sheila as the Brits love to pressure cook their vittles (no surprise there). SO glad you're blond gain - it suits you. We use Gmail at work. There's a huge learning curve, but there are some great tutorials that are part of Gmail. And, yes, 2013 is going to be awesome for all of us! xoxox

Karen Deborah said...

WELCOME to my world I am always HAWT too!!! bwahahahaa ain't it great when it's sunny and 58 degrees outside? I can do that in a t shirt.
I like pressure cookers from a distance never got over being askeered of em.
Glad you and yer dawg had a nice trip!