Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cupid Draw Back Your Bow-ow-ow

This is our parrot Cupid. Today is his official holiday. Happy Valentine's Day, Cupid. We love you. Even though you make a mess. A big mess. We love you. Do you like the faux tropical habitat behind him? I try to make all our animals feel comfortable. Sometimes I even try to make the human animals comfortable. Mostly, though, it's the animal animals I mess with. See this monkey? I love monkeys as much as Tammy does. This monkey is painted above Cupid's cage, just so he'll think he's in the jungle. The real jungle. Not the jungle that is our house. I think he likes it for the most part.

What's that you ask? How's Dora? Oh, she's just dandy. Happy Valentine's Day, Dora. Are you comfy or do you need another blankie? Mommy is here to serve. I would post a picture of kitty Noelle, but she is hiding today. Happy Valentine's Day, Noelle. Wherever you are.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day Squazz, Bird and Augie! You guys are the best.


Anonymous said...

And who knew we were celebrating your parrot's holiday today?? *g

Anonymous said...

You my dear, are the winner of the make Asthmagirl laugh contest.

For goodness sake, please provide me with an email address so I can send your prize!



Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Cupid, Dora, Noelle and all humans in the mental mama's house! We love ya!

Miss K

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I forgot the p...mental "p" mama. :)
I think I'm the mental one today!!!

Miss K

brneyedgal967 said...

Yes, monkeys and dogs. Parrots though? It takes a really mental person to have a bird that squawks and talks.

Dora's a cutie. She looks so cuddly. Happy V-Day and congrats on the Asthmagirl contest! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, your parrot is a cutie! Happy Valentine CUPID Day! :-p

kellypea said...

Very cute birdie and doggo. We heart our animals, too. They don't have painted palm fronds, though. We have real ones outside and nobody cares. Sad, huh?