Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cocktail Corner in Cabo

Well, it's not technically Cocktail Corner because Annie and Jules aren't here...But I am making the best of things with Miss K, Miss J and Miss P! Oh, and the menfolk, too. Squazz, Chief and Mav. The boys tend to busy themselves with golf so we can go about relaxing here at Villa Amanda.

Today was breezy, with multiple whale sightings. Now we are cocktailing here on the terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Life is beautiful. Never fear, I will post plenty of pictures after we return next week.

Tomorrow we are going on a deep sea fishing adventure. Wish us luck.


abb said...

Sounds like it's just wonderful.....truly wish I and GB were with you - and Jules and her lovey, too.

Pictures, baby, pictures. WE EXPECT 'EM!!

And I want a body count of who went down for the barf count on that deep-sea fishin' trip. (I would be the first if joining you!)

Anonymous said...

I don't want a body count... I would be among the pukers!

I do want you to promise to wear sunscreen!

And pics! I want pics!

brneyedgal967 said...

Sunscreen is for sissy's. C'mon burn, baby, burn! Drink too much. Smoke too much. Sleep too late. And laugh your ass off.


Anonymous said...

I agree... these posts are worthless without pictures! ;)

(But keep them coming anyway. :D )

Anonymous said...

I am on Squazz's laptop, and I don't want to download my pictures here...sorry. Patience, people.