Saturday, February 9, 2008

Roughing It

My son Augie is participating in an urban submersion program this weekend. He does this community service as a part of his school requirements, but all in all, he does enjoy it. In preparation for the trip there were some simple instructions. Bring: sleeping bag, pillow, towel, warm clothes. Leave behind: cell phone, wallet--or in the mind of a High School Junior, all that is essential for survival.

Every evening this past week, we had a "discussion" like this:
Mental Mom (smiling and cheerful): Now, have you thought about the warm clothes you need to bring? Do you need anything.
Augie (eating): It's okay.

Every night, the same words are uttered at the dinner table. Every night. It sometimes brings on a little sweat.

Fast forward to Thursday when I go to his school to pick up his backpack, wallet and phone. Here is our chat:
Mental Mom (smiling and cheerful): Are you nervous? I am a little, but I know you are going to get a lot out of this.
Augie (pointing to his pockets): Do you realize I don't have anything; no phone, no wallet.
Mental Mom (smiling, cheerful, and gripping the wheel a little harder in order not to be sarcastic): That is one of the key elements of this experience. You will be fine, there are people living everywhere without cell phones and wallets.
Augie (in all seriousness and with a little disgust): Oh, and I have nothing warm to wear. What am I going to do?
Mental Mom (swallowing hard and sweating): ...

UPDATE 10:31 am: It is snowing now. Sigh.


brneyedgal967 said...


Good idea gripping and sweating. Biting the tongue brings about a lot of blood.

Anonymous said...

Augie must be freezing...

abb said...

Sons.....they are such special creatures....


Jules said...

Oh bother...these boys are a challenge at times!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. The question they learn anything?

My daughter called tonight. I asked about the fact that she isn't going to activities that she is supposed to go to for her immersion class. "It won't affect (or is it effect?) my grade," she said. I hung up and told my husband. "she STILL isn't getting things right, is she?" he said, and no, she's not. And...she will have a nasty suprise. And will she learn? Probably not. So, I hope your son will be learning more than my daughter who IS AT LEAST TWO YEARS OLDER THAN HIM. Sigh.

Hot flashes? You were so subtle I missed it. Pretty funny post--unless you relate and then it was still funny. Thanks.