Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Answers

I have some responses from your questions.  I'll try to be succinct.  Here we go.

AsthmaGirl wants to know how I feel about Puppy Cams.  Are you kidding me?  I'm obsessed.
Caution is as blank as I am at times.  Do not walk away from blogging.  We need you.
Tammy wants to know if I am reading the Twilight series.  I have them all, and will start New Moon this weekend.  I hope everyone is reading up for our first Book Club on December 8!
Sandie wants to know silver or gold?  Both.  Can't have too much of a good thing.   And I would go with coffee before mimosa.  Most days;)
Marlene still loves me despite my big bag of nuthin'.
Flash Stitcher inquired about renting a wood chipper.  Don't do it.  Messy.
Joanie had nuthin', too.  It must be catching.
Starwool Gal was quite curious.  Eyebrows?  Cannot talk about them.  They have migrated to my chin and neck area.  You can stop shaving your legs in the Winter. Gravity is not my friend these days. Same goes for flourescent lighting in dressing rooms.  I have no answer for the men question because I haven't figured it out.  Same with this pausing business.
Bear Naked was as sweet as ever.
Keetha asked about the First Dog "to be". I think it should be a shelter dog.  There are plenty of hypoallergenic dogs in shelters.
Deb:  I do not wear those acrylic shoes.  I merely laugh at them.  I decorate for the holidays less and less each year.  Tree, wreath on door and my mother's Dresden angels on the mantle. My life's dream is for my children to grow to be healthy caring adults who will make a difference in our world.
Jeri I wish I had a flight to England in my plans.  Sigh.  Back hair is unacceptable, and on men, too.
Annie wants to know about hair issues.  I detect a recurring hirsute theme here.  And I have no answers. 
Big Hair Envy is in the same boat with me.  Nuthin'. 
Mary wanted to know about escaped prisoners in Connecticut.  I have no idea about them, but I love Connecticut College.  Great school, and a well-kept secret.
Chesapeake Bay Woman suggests a bloggers meet-up in Virginia.  As I have told all my Virginia buddies, I am totally game.  And I will try to bring some other wine drinkers with me.
Peach:  Go back to bed.  You are the busiest person I know!
Ellen has declared my blogger's block a "Pause."  Fitting, no?
Dyln, I hate to tell you this, but that cat is not a stray.  It has adopted you.
Sassy, I was not in Arizona, but if I ever am, you will be a first stop!
Flea was enjoying her little goodie bag from yours truly.  She is going to make me a smocked blouse!  Most of my dress shoes are black.  You can never have too many black shoes.  
Debra, when I squeeze my stomach with my hands, it looks like I am expecting twins. Again.
Adventure Girl, am I funny?
Kacey has a keen awareness of this feast or famine phenomenon in a blogger's life.
Kaishon, I got the picture from Google Images; I want absolutely nothing for Christmas, and I hope your headache is gone.
Noble Pig, Monday was bridge night with my peeps.  I had a whole bunch of stuff.  Hence my stomach issue above.
Snooty claims Starwood Gal covered all her questions.  Phew.
Suz wants to know about the Puppy Cam, too. I really should try to do something today besides watch those puppies.  They come on at 11:30 PST, by the way.
Michelleb, you have one fantastic hubby.  Now you need to get a blog so you can tell us more!
Daryl, I wish I knew.  Really.  I may just come in by myself.
MamaGeek, the answer would be George Clooney.

Now everyone, go forth and be productive.
Or watch the puppies.

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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Damn girl, you WERE succinct.

I'm so glad you picked Clooney over Dr. Phil. :)

brneyedgal967 said...

Whew! I think that's all I needed to know. I feel fulfilled in an odd way.

abb said...

Such thoughts you have! And I want hair answers!

shrink on the couch said...

I'm a big fan of shave-free winters, too.

Bear Naked said...

You are too kind.
Thanks for the linky love.
When you have time could you e-mail me at
mybearnakedblog at gmail dot com?
The royal *We* thank you.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Bloggerpause?? Bwahahahaha!

Virginia is getting ready to host the most awesome blogger bash ever!!! Just as soon as Chesapeake Bay Woman and I can figure it all out. That may take a while.....and several bottles of wine.

Trisha said...

Now I know all I need to know about you! Thanks for the info and in such a fun way!

Love the puppies . . . darn addicting things!

Big Hair Envy said...

Come back by my site. I've added eye candy.

Anonymous said...

I love your question and answer posts...but I'm not sure I'm forgiving you for introducing me to the whole puppies thing!!

Adventure girl said...


Adventure girl said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's my first time watching those little puppy darlings!

Mental P Mama said...

Adventure Girl: I would cancel the rest of my day if I were you. Seriously.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, completely impressed. That had to take some time linky loving all those questions!

Daryl said...

Oh those pups have grown since I last sat and stared for hours

If you go to VA .. you must stop and pick me up .. I am on the way (to VA, that is)


Unknown said...

I still love ya...LOL.

Due to the circumstances, if some one else will plan the VA bloggers meeting, I will definitely join in. I just can not plan it at this time.

Loved your Q/A post.


Ellen said...

I love your responses. It reminded me of a Mad Magazine feature "Smappy answers to Stupid Quesitons." But without the snarkiness or the smart ass-ness.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am so lazy it is sinful... you know what i did today... I SLEPT all darn day... I di dmanage to mail the rose cuttings and walke dthrough FREDS dollar store with martha and stopped and talked to Cory and stephanie and asked them to come to dinner... so I have 2 chickens to put into the rotisserie later... and I am trying to catch up on blogs... thats IT... LAZY!!!!!!

Egghead said...

Now that should be outlawed....those puppies I mean. Makes me want to adopt them all.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Good job on being succinct - I envy your skills. I can't shut up. Like right now. Instead of sharing all my inner thoughts I should just say, "Nic job. And we'll get back to you on the Virginia Blogging Conference."

But no. I can't do that.

Maybe at our Blogapalooza you could teach one of the seminars on how to be brief yet entertaining. I'll be the first one to sign up.

Anonymous said...

Gravity sucks.

Country Girl said...

George Clooney is the answer to everything.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you have all the answers!

Sassy said... better is all I can say. I'd ♥ it!