Friday, May 9, 2008

An Evening of Cards

Last night we got together to eat and drink play bridge.
And I had a visit with Dora's betrothed, Louie.

Here is his mommy, Grandma Candy.
She was such a gracious hostess.
I think she's going to be a nice mother-in-law.
I got to do some wedding planning.
We are definitely having the wedding  at their house.
I think Dora should walk down this path.
I think they will then exchange their vows overlooking the pool.

Can you believe how beautiful this is?
I think Dora will be very happy.

The Bride:

This is the ceiling in the powder room.
I love this place.
Maybe I should marry Louie and move in.
Here is another shot of Louie with his mommy and his daddy.
He is maybe a little bit spoiled.
Unlike Dora.
Dora is perfect.
They may need a little pre-marital counseling.

Oh yeah, we played cards, too.
And those chips?
I didn't have a single one.
Such willpower.
This was the best hand I had all night.
And I lost.


Miss C said...

Louie is so excited! and so are his parents. We've dreamed of having his wedding here, and now that he's found the perfect bride, it will be a fine occasion. I think we can call ourselves the "Mental Paws Mammas"!

Anonymous said...

And when is this fabulous event taking place? Both my girls are single and I'm sure they'd like a shot at the bow-quet Dora will throw!

Treasia Stepp said...

What a beautiful yard that is. Oh I envy you getting together with your friends like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, am I invited to the wedding? It's so beautiful there?

abb said...

I'm so glad your dogter has found her perfect grrrrrroom!


I think I'll get them a cat for their wedding present!


QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Ozzie volunteers his services as a groomsdog. What a handsome groom Dora is a lucky bride,of course Dora is stunning they will have beautiful granddogs(?)


Louie is a fine match for Dora. I think that they will be happy together. With in-laws that a have such a beautiful place, I want to marry Louie.

krysta said...

my dog would have to go on a diet before she could attend...too much beet ice cream. would your friend mind if i camped out by her pool all summer? it's beautiful.

Daryl said...

DUH on me .. I thought Dora was the cat ...

I think Dora will be very happy with Louie .. he looks like a sweet guy.

Love his home .. and his pool .. his parents seem nice ... wish I knew more about cards then there's 52 in a deck .. or is that states .. oy!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Planning a wedding is so much fun (and stressful). Kumo sends his best!

Flea said...

Hey - make sure Louie signs a pre-nup. :)

Stacey Olson said...

What a beautiful yard. Are you sure the dog lives here.. (grin)

Anonymous said...

As the father of the groom, I must tell you that his mother and I feel that he has not only chosen a perfect life-mate, but also one who has always conducted herself with grace and poise. It is our pleasure to add her delightful family to ours. Having a husband will make it easier for Dora to send her brother and sister off to college soon and not miss them as much.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I want to live with louies parents... That yard is beautiful and I am so partial to a pool... we so want one... maybe one day soon!
Sigh ... Squirt says she will be matron of honor :D

Debbie said...

After what I've been looking at the past two days, I think I've died and gone to heaven....gorgeous!

Having trouble seeing dog poop in this environment LOL. May I come be the official pooper scooper and then take a dip in the pool?

Mental P Mama said...

Thank you all for the sweet thoughts! We are very excited, and have started looking at dresses. Dora is being a little difficult because she prefers miniskirts, but I am working on that.

foolery said...

Setting the scene for you:

7-year-old Smedley and 4-year-old Sparky walk up behind me as I read this post.

Smedley: "What's that?"

Me: "That's the ceiling of their bathroom. Pretty fancy, isn't it?"

Sparky: "THAT'S the THEILING of their BATHROOM?!"

Me: "Yup."

Smedley: "They must have a golden toilet, then."

So . . .

. . . are there any golden toilet pictures? ha ha ha -- what a lovely home and yard!

-- Laurie, Smedley and Sparky

Egghead said...

This was hilarious. I at first thought you were talking about your daughter...ha ha. Well all I can say is I hope it is cheaper than really marrying off a daughter. I did that twice so far..broke the bank.