Friday, May 2, 2008

Animal House

Lately, I have been pining for a new puppy (hormones?), and every time I see one at, I dutifully show it to Squazz.  He's not buying it.  He came in to this family never having had a dog--only cats.  He obviously knew we had animals (cat, parrot, dog), and he has risen to the task.  We are lucky he joined in on all the crap fun.  When our beloved Bichon Boomer died of cancer, he was right there to help us through our profound sorrow.  And even though the kids and I went and adopted Dora while he was, literally, on the golf course (we were supposedly "viewing" the puppy at the shelter), he has loved her from first sight.

Since I caught a whole bunch of crap from the original Baby Bird about yesterday's post, I thought I'd capitalize on  write about my other babies.  Oh, and those of you who don't like the anthropomorphizing of animals? Yeah, I'd just skip the rest of this.

In a few hours' time on Tuesday, here's what we said and did chez mental mama:

Me:  Squazz, why aren't you sitting on the sofa?
Squazz (who always sits on this sofa):  No room.

Me (noticing empty bird cage):  Dora, where's Cupid.?
Dora cocked her head under table with, I kid you not, exasperation: There's your stupid bird. Idiot.
Augie: Goose, Dora's sleeping with me tonight.
Me: No!  She needs her mommy! She wants to sleep with her mommy.
Augie: But it's my turn.
Me: No!
Augie: Yes!
Me: Okay, let's let her decide. (send help, now)


Me:  Squazz, we're out of wine! Squazz?  Squazz, where did you go?


abb said...

I've heard that a lot of therapists give discount rates for GROUPS. Pretty sure you guys would qualify! ;-)


Anonymous said...

This is our house except without the bird. You definitely need another puppy. (My hormones require 3 apparently. Coincidence? I think not?)

The Olde Goat was equally disinterested in filling our house with fur, but now he comes through the door calling "where are my babies?"

Mental P Mama said...

Annie--Um, you are a fine one to talk..

AG-- Squazz coos to Dora so much, I think he's talking to me. He's not.

Anonymous said...

Our house, too. And we have a bird, too. I've been pining for a new pup too. Something in the air?


I love when people put words to their animals. Oh my , poor Squazz. If you weren't raised with dogs, tis a hard thing to change. Cute pics, and the bird picture is just how it is.

Anonymous said...

This was tooo cute! And, a familiar story for me! Hubby never wanted a dog, only grew up with cats. But after the kids left home, I wanted a puppy BAD! I looked for 2 years, for 2 yrs, he said no. Then one day, his co-worker comes with a pic of a puppy she needs to find a home for, he looks at it and says "sh*t, this is Ash's puppy!" I got my new baby! And...hubby ADORES him! I swear,I'm jealous, they are best buds!

Meg said...

Here I am downsizing my dogs and you are pining away for a puppy?! Put the glass of wine/Marg down and back away....think...stains on your carpet...just teasin! PUPPIES are the BEST!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I GOT MAIL!!! thank you so much... They are just a tiny bit tight across the top of my foot but I do believe with wearing them for short spells they will stretch just to fit PERFECTLY!
Well the yard is calling me but I wanted you to know I have COW FEET ! :D
Thank you again!
Love n hugs

Anonymous said...

We are SOOOOO having the same drama here at our house. (and twitter) is my new addiction.

Flea said...

I think it's spring, not hormones. :)

I think I might need your mailing address. Email me and ask why, as if you didn't already know. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love it that your cat is a smarty pants! So hilarious...we are furless at the moment.

Jules said...

Sorry I would have commented earlier, however I had to clean the stables, scoop out the cat litter, remove the doggie land mines from the yard, and feed the hogs,and then I had to ride the horses, teach the cat "I's can has cheeseburger", Bring the dog to aromatherapy school, and find a kosher deli...all in a days work...I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

well, we're gone to much to get a puppy at this stage of our lives, but I'm getting one vicariously from my old son who is getting one. Does that count??

Snooty Primadona said...

Every year since our Cairn Terrier (LuLu) died, I get the urge to get a new puppy. Then, I think about what our cat Trouble would do to it. Wipes those thoughts straight from my mind.